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Having powerful digital marketing to target your desired clientele is an essential part of any modern-day company.

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The Government of Monaco has recognised how digital marketing can elevate companies, which is why it has launched the Blue Fund, via its Extended Monaco for Businesses programme. This Monaco digital support plan is aimed at companies based in the Principality, and offers to co-finance between 30% to 70% of any digital upgrades such as a brand-new website, should your project be accepted.

Whether your objective is to set up your presence online or strengthen it, the Extended Monaco for Businesses programme will analyse your suggested digital project and decide on the allocated subsidy. 

Relevance, as an official partner of the programme, can help you and support you in this process. Our agency, based in Monaco for the last 10 years, is one of the only 360° digital agencies dedicated to digital marketing and communication. We have a full-service team of creatives and strategists that can give companies based in Monaco digital support in such areas as:

  • The definition of your brand identity online.
  • The creation and build of a new, optimised website
  • The implementation of digital services such as SEO, SEA, Programmatic, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Digital PR.
  • The media production for any digital strategy.
  • The integration of CRM software.
  • The digital reputation of your company. 

Send us your digital self-diagnostic questionnaire, found on the Extended Monaco for Businesses website, to allow us to analyse your digital presence. 

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