Digital Yacht Marketing Video YPY Monaco

We all know the online space is a highly condensed and competitive environment, have you ever found it challenging sorting through the best marketing practices and tools? With over a decade of experience in digital and the luxury market, we have narrowed down what we found are the best techniques for digital yacht marketing.

Dedicated professionals from the Relevance team were invited to The Young Professionals in Yacht Marketing Seminar earlier this year to present what we found and here is a video summarising the event in Monaco:

The yacht marketing video and presentation we released provides an overview of a range of topics, including the Google Algorithm, links, keywords and engagement. Important digital marketing methods such as emailing and long tail SEO are discussed along with the top 10 web tools for digital marketing and let’s not forget, content.

The importance of original content was highlighted in the seminar as this is fundamental in bringing conversions to a yacht marketing campaign. We spoke about how including interesting elements such as guides, infographics and videos can help create engaging and shareable marketing content.

At the end of the digital yacht marketing seminar, we held a brainstorming session which included all delegates voicing their ideas. In the end we produced a marketing campaign for our prototype companies within the yachting industry.

If you have any questions or comments we are happy to answer any queries. We can also provide you with full video edits. Special thanks to Blue i Productions who filmed the video content and Darin Graham, part of the Relevance team in Monaco for the edits. Finally, thank you to Young Professionals in Yachting for inviting us along to present.

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