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Relevance Selected for Design & Digital for Exciting New Men’s Fashion Label

209 Mare fashion label men's blazer

Relevance dips it’s foot into fashion today, selected for graphic design & digital marketing by exciting new fashion label 209 Mare. Headquartered in Monaco, 209 Mare’s production and product design is done exclusively in Milan, Italy, for purposes of quality. The brand is elevating men’s beachwear to a new level of elegance and luxury with their new men’s beach blazers, as well as exclusive, custom designed swim shorts. The Relevance corporate logo pitch was chosen ahead of several other agencies as Relevance’s Paul Besson’s design was shortlisted and then decided upon. Relevance was also chosen for SEO for the launch of the new e-commerce website, as well as digital marketing, targeting HNWIs.

Co-Founder Federico Uribe said:

“The logo you created is a fantastic representation of our sophistication and the gentlemen that are our clients. The ability you have to get us introduced into the local market is one that we value. We have faith in a successful work synergy and a growing relationship going forward”

Fashion label 209 Mare will launch in the spring

Relevance was chosen thanks to their established digital agency position in luxury; 209 Mare can tap into that experience as well as the strong Relevance network of clients and media when targeting HNWIs to buy the luxury men’s beachwear to be launched in Spring 2017. Relevance will be in charge of working on the SEO, Google Ads, Press Releases to their Media List and fashion digital marketing consultancy. Relevance will be working alongside Federall in Monaco, chosen for the website build and a specialist marketing agency in London, who will be working on the PR and social media.

Relevance has also been selected thanks to it’s Monaco digital marketing offices; the beachwear 209 Mare is releasing to market in Spring 2017 will suit residents and visitors to Monaco and the French Riviera – a hub for HNWIs. Relevance is very experienced in targeting this demographic. Relevance participates and sponsors many of the gala dinners, events and shows on the French Riviera, which is also what made it a great match.

209 Mare – evolving men’s beachwear

“Relevance is now in the fortunate position to be able to select our clients. We want to work with smart people, with great ideas and fantastic products. We are so happy to be working with the Uribe family and look forward to a strong collaboration.” said Rumble Romagnoli, CEO at Relevance.

If you are interested in contacting Relevance Digital Marketing Agency in Monaco, London or in New York please see our website.

209 Mare ready to enter the market
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