Bottled water marketing case study Svalbarði Digital Campaign

Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water

Svalbarði is one of the world’s most exclusive bottled water companies, with pure polar iceberg water sourced on the Norwegian island territory of Svalbard, 1,000 miles away from the North Pole. In order to retain the water’s natural composition and premium taste, no chemistry-altering filters are used—only micron filters and UV light to adhere to international standards.

Founded in 2013, Norwegian-American Jamal Qureshi collected meltwater as a gift for his wife while travelling in the Norwegian island territory of Svalbard – one of Europe’s last great wildernesses. Today, this epicurean product is redefining the very notion of pure drinking water.

The luxury water company also prides itself on its dedication to protecting the environment and raising awareness for polar and climatic research.  

The results

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Web Traffic
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For their scheduled launch in Harrods, London and Monaco, Svalbarði relied upon Relevance’s team of experts for their extensive experience in the digital luxury market, including their strong network of clients and media.

They also required strong support for PR and their e-commerce shop.

Relevance’s presence in Monaco, London and New York puts them in good stead with their familiar ultra-luxury market, suited to the client base of Svalbarði’s product. 


Relevance performed SEO enhancement work during build and after the build of Svalbarði’s website.

Relevance supported Svalbarði with their PR work, both online and offline, during their product launches and beyond. Our PR specialists helped Svalbarði in their PR and partnerships, introducing them at HNW events at Yachting World and La Chèvre d’Or, the Michelin-starred restaurant, and with a PR-generating photo shoot on a Sunseeker super yacht.

Relevance was responsible for the social media and online advertising of Svalbarði.

As a result, Relevance produced a 20-fold increase in the luxury drink manufacturer’s web traffic, and placed their product into three quality targeted events that greatly increased visibility.

What our clients say

" 20-fold increase in our web traffic, and got our product into three quality targeted events "

" Relevance ran our e-commerce and Monaco on the ground start campaigns. He produced a 20-fold increase in our web traffic, and got our product into three quality targeted events that greatly increased our visibility. He was a good partner to work with, accepting frank discussions and proposing solutions while providing visibility into what he was doing. Especially on the technical side where he was educating me as he went. You will enjoy working with him and in our experience, he will go more than the extra mile to try and make your project succeed "
Jamal Qureshi - CEO, Svalbardi


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