Health insurance case study Private Client by Bupa

Private Client by Bupa

Private Client by Bupa is a premium health insurance plan that offers more than healthcare by providing its members with complete well-being services. The Ultimate Global Health Plan provides extensive worldwide protection coupled with access to leading international medical experts and facilities. Members enjoy access to a dedicated lifecare concierge manager, who is a single point of contact to arrange treatments, handle claims, and manage members’ health journeys. 

The results

Profilazione dei clienti, Market & Competitive Research

In-depth B2B research to find resellers
A comprehensive competitors analysis.
Profiling research to define the client's Very-High-Net-Worth audience in Monaco.
A full launch campaign strategy to promote Private Client’s Ultimate Global Health Plan.


Private Client by Bupa wished to develop a launch plan to drive awareness and sales in the Principality of Monaco of its Ultimate Global Health Plan with concierge services. They needed strategic insights on a besp oke B2C VHNW target audience to enable swift and successful activation of this launch campaign.


Relevance’s team of luxury marketing specialists in Monaco provided market research to Private Client by Bupa to help them better understand the principality’s health system and its opportunities. We also conducted in-depth competitor research, not only enabling us to identify direct and indirect competitors but also to understand what insurance companies were offering private insurance packages. 

The next step was to conduct thorough B2B research to understand what entities could potentially promote or sell Private Client By Bupa in Monaco. An essential part of our work was to profile the target consumer audience to fully understand the demographics and consumer habits of the VHNWIs in Monaco: their purchase drivers, personalities, interests, the media they consume, the platforms they are on, etc. 

We concluded our approach by providing a full marketing strategy to launch Private Client by Bupa’s Ultimate Global Health Package in Monaco. This included display advertising, event sponsorship, and media opportunities to reach the desired audience. Private Client by Bupa decided to kick off their promotional campaign with an event organised by Superyacht Media during the Monaco Yacht Show 2023. As one of the main sponsors, they presented their products to select family offices and networked with moderators and attendees.