Luxury property marketing case study Premier Properties Brand Refresh

Premier St Barths

Premier Properties St. Barth is a full-service luxury real estate company that provides various services to its clients. Their expertise spans from purchasing, selling, and renting properties in the Caribbean island of Saint-Barthélemy to custom-built home construction and property management. 

The company has a team of dedicated professionals who have extensive experience in the Caribbean sale and rental property market. Through their extensive network of contacts, they can assist clients in finding the perfect property for their needs.

The results

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Top 10 Keywords
Driving more leads for sales and rentals
A total rebrand
Increase in New Site Visitors Compared to the Same Period Last Year


As experts in targeting UHNWIs through beautiful online and offline marketing strategies, Premier Properties St Barth tasked Relevance to breathe new life into the well-known St Barth real estate brand, elevating its visibility with a more luxurious identity and driving more leads for sales and rentals. 


Relevance’s luxury property marketing experts began by identifying the client’s authentic target audience and understanding how to appeal to this niche cohort of wealthy individuals in order to conduct a total rebrand.
Relevance’s design team then created a brand logo, guidelines, creative assets, and website to reflect their new and exclusive brand identity.
Premier Properties’ website was not only beautiful but also well-optimised with relevant keywords. Relevance’s SEO experts initiated in-depth search engine marketing, helping the brand to rank ahead of its competitors.
These initiatives were accompanied by tactical paid search advertising locally and internationally and supported by organic social content and management.