Website Build & PR Chances 4 Children (C4C)

Chances 4 Children


Chances 4 Children (C4C) is an NGO registered in Monaco and in the UK. It looks after 62 orphans in Kampala, Uganda and through various actions has managed to help them create an organisation which in the end will be self-run. 

C4C needed a website that would move people through its content, so no visitor could remain emotionless when seeing the images or reading the stories behind the children it talked about. Relevance had to build a website to tell the beautiful stories of these orphans in Uganda to which the NGO has dedicated itself to but still optimize the content for SEO. Relevance also decided to fully support the charity with its fundraisings.


  • Build a new optimised website

  • Integrate the possibility to donate money directly from the website

  • Flyer design to communicate for each fundraising campaign

  • PR skills to support each fundraising campaign


  • Website Design

  • Website Development

  • SEO

  • PR

  • Graphic Design

La Soluzione

With a brand new optimized website, C4C has been able to fully communicate their purpose and their objectives for each of their fundraising projects they have organised. 

The website was the beginning, as it was a much needed support to show all of what the NGO does and how it all started. It also recaps all of the upcoming and past events, and more importantly it’s a portal for the many ways one can donate to support the charity.  

Relevance has been supporting the charity since 2005, helping in organising its fundraising events, designing flyers to raise awareness about the various ways to donate, doing PR to promote the local events and each time, helping in sourcing new partners… 

Over the years, the amount of donations has grown and has met the objectives set by the NGO. The Relevance staff has also been volunteering to assist in the organisation of the events; coordinating the logistics between the venue, the partners and the charity.