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Internship Experience at Relevance

At Relevance, we have an annual digital marketing internship programme where we take the brightest digital natives in their last year of university or recently graduated and train them to become digital experts. Here four of our digital marketing internship programme alumni chat about their internship experience and why they chose Relevance. 

Digital marketing internships at Relevance

Achala - Digital Marketing Superstar


I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from PES University, Bengaluru, India. I graduated with honours in my undergraduate degree. After working for a year in IT I pursued a master’s degree in luxury brand management at the International University of Monaco, where I chose digital marketing as my elective. By the end of my masters I had digital marketing internship job offers from three companies on the French Riviera – Relevance, Engel & Volker Yachting, and AmberLounge.

According to McKinsey, 40% of all luxury goods purchase decisions are influenced by what consumers see and hear online. That means, in an industry with more than $280 billion in sales last year, online-influenced purchases accounted for more than $100 billion in revenue. 

Digital marketing has become exceedingly important in the current times. With the perfect blend of technical skills from my undergraduate degree and luxury marketing knowledge from my master’s degree, venturing into the digital marketing space was the ideal next step.

As a boutique, luxury digital marketing agency Relevance has a vast network of clients in yachting, luxury real estate, telecommunications, air transfers and travel industries. The prospect of working with this elite clientele during a digital marketing internship in Monaco was definitely one of the biggest reasons for choosing Relevance. Relevance is also a certified Google partner and the geek in me found this as a huge bonus. I chose to work at Relevance and haven’t looked back since. Working with Rumble and the team is a great reward! 

At Relevance, multi-tasking is not a choice but a necessary asset. During my time at Relevance, I have honed my time and project management skills. 

My technical skills and knowledge have also increased. I am Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified. Being on the job has introduced me to various tools and software that help me analyze, report and strategize better. I am currently skilled in digital strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, social media marketing, digital PR and business development. The growth has been exponential and I am excited about growing with the company. 

Working at Relevance and in Monaco has taught me so much both personally and professionally. Working with the incredible team led by Rumble has truly been a great experience. The workspace constantly challenges you and nurtures you to do better. The flexibility, commissions and incentives provided by Relevance makes you want to continuously do better for yourself and the company. As an Indian, I had an opportunity to liaise with colleagues and clients from various regions and sectors. Knowing when and how to communicate with different people was a valuable skill I learnt on the job. 

Relevance actively participates in many events and I  got an opportunity to attend them and network during my digital marketing internship in Monaco, including the Monaco Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show. There is never a dull moment at Relevance!


I studied economics and mathematics in Russia and it developed in me a love for the exact sciences, data, and various tools. 

After moving to Monaco, I focused on exploring the luxury market and graduated from The International University of Monaco with a masters in luxury marketing. I was a Valedictorian of my class, so I had many digital marketing internships offers, however, the only company that suited me completely was Relevance. I was always interested in the digital industry as this is a combination of creativity and statistics – the two fields I enjoy the most. Relevance is a digital marketing agency specialising in targeting ultra-high worth individuals, which means that the main industry Relevance is operating in is a luxury one. That is why there was no better place for me – my education, skills, and passion were all perfectly suited for this digital marketing internship in Monaco. 

During my internship, I received excellent training on the basics of online marketing. I understood how to bring website ratings to the front pages in different browsers thanks to various SEO techniques, learned how to create and optimise advertising campaigns on Google and social media channels, get backlinks for clients and also worked a lot with website managers, designers, and developers. This was my favourite part of the digital marketing internship, so after the account management role, I moved to this domain.

In addition to professional growth, Relevance perfectly matched the task of socialisation. During my digital marketing internship in Monaco I was engaged in life outside the office and even created the #relevancelife channel – a channel that was aimed at team building. During my internship, we went to several lunch breaks together, played bowling, broke out of the Escape Room, sang karaoke, went for walks and, of course, enjoyed the after-work drinks. This is another aspect that differs Relevance from most companies in the area because being part of this company means not only being part of the office but also part of a wonderful friendly team.


I studied economics and marketing at a liberal arts college in the Midwest, US. Luckily, the type of college I was at focused on developing students’ critical thinking abilities across a range of disciplines and encouraged students to take courses outside of their primary area of study. Although I was focused on social sciences I took courses from French to 19th-century European history and film psychology, which allowed me to develop my critical thinking skills no matter the topic. Knowing that I wanted to take the fundamentals of what I learned from my bachelor’s and apply them to the luxury industry, I enrolled in the master’s of luxury brand management at the International University of Monaco to refine my skill set and enrich my knowledge of the industry.

I was looking to stay in France or Italy to do my digital marketing internship and wanted to be involved in the luxury industry but within the digital marketing division. The CEO of Relevance, Rumble Romagnoli, was my adjunct professor of digital marketing at IUM which is how I was first introduced to the company. Through listening to his lectures and those of my future colleagues at Relevance I instantly knew that I wanted to work for the company as they were involved in the luxury industry but were focused on bringing the latest technology and strategic thinking to it.

During my digital marketing internship, Monaco, I received many lessons, ranging from technical like Google Analytics to project management. However, one of the most important lessons I learned was having complete trust in your team members to carry out a project. Coming from an academic setting, there is a lot of work you do on your own, and looking out for yourself. However, when you transition into the professional world you aren’t on your own any more and thankfully have a great team to work alongside you. It was completely refreshing, and exciting, to be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do and are experts in their field.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the world who don’t like their job or dread coming to work, but at Relevance, it is the complete opposite. Thanks to each person who helped train me in different aspects of digital marketing, I was able to find what I excelled at and learned a lot about how each service we provide supports the others.

Soon after I joined the digital agency during my digital marketing internship, we took a trip to Brighton SEO, a digital marketing conference in Brighton, England. The team would spend the day listening to lectures from different experts, about the latest trends and technology in the digital marketing space. Then, at night we would get together and excitedly discuss what we had learned over the day and how we could apply that to our work at the agency. 

Not only was I able to get to know my colleagues better over those few days, but I saw how passionate they were about their work and it was inspiring to be in that environment. Whether it is an after-work aperitif or a training session in keyword research, the people at Relevance are fun to be around.  

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I studied international management and received a bachelor degree in graphic design in Russia. Later on, I got an digital marketing internship at one of the biggest global advertising agencies and spent almost two years learning all about the digital world and working with international clients on their strategies and projects. Then I moved to Monaco to pursue my master’s degree in luxury brand management.

I met Relevance during the business days at my university and instantly knew that I wanted to continue in the digital direction given my background.

I think one of the best things about working at Relevance during my digital marketing internship is how the team helps you to grow and develop as a digital expert. When I started I got to work in each department to understand the basics of everything and not a lot of companies do that. During my digital marketing internship in Monaco I got to learn how SEO works and what are the best practices to improve it; how to set up PPC campaigns and how to analyse data afterwards, how to do a website audit to reveal what needs to be improved and many other things. 

One of my absolute favourite things about my digital marketing internship, Monaco, is the people. I think it’s very important to find common ground with people that you spend most of your days with. And with the Relevance team it was very easy. The light atmosphere in the office, lunches, brainstorming sessions, and numerous socials – it all became more than a team, it’s a family that you grow with.

Fancy joining the team at Relevance? We are always on the lookout for the brightest digital talent and offer digital marketing internships both in our Monaco and Bath, UK, offices. Contact us and let us know why you feel you would be a great fit.  

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