Instagram launches advertising


A few weeks ago, Instagram – one of the most popular photo sharing social media networks in the world announced on its blog that the ads were coming soon. The company stated that its goal was development and that it was going to turn Instagram into a real business, but with the main philosophy of the company remaining the same – users should be happy with what Instagram is.

One of the most well-know photo-sharing social media providers launches paid advertising. Users from the USA will already see the first ads on their timeline this week.

Instagram has decided to start introducing its advertising activity slowly and the first market that will see ads is the USA. The first companies that will advertise on Instagram are “brands that are already great members of the Instagram community” as stated on the official company’s blog.

A few days ago Instagram showed how the ads would look. The sponsored post will be marked with special symbols and users will have a possibility to learn more about advertisement by simply clicking on the top right corner of the sponsored post. They will also be able to disable ads they don’t like and provide the company with a feedback.


The launching of advertisement is a big step for Instagram. The company that started as an iPhone application is one of the most well known social networks in the world now, and mostly targets mobiles. Significant changes in business development strategy took place after Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. These days the most powerful brands use Instagram to communicate with its’ customers, and working with Relevance you can also include Instagram in your social media strategy.

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