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Industry tips: Best practices for forms on landing pages 

Forms on Website

Landing pages with forms are an essential SEO tool, and getting the design and content right can make all the difference in converting visitors. In most cases, you only have one opportunity to convert a visitor, so it’s vital that the landing page form is carefully considered so as not to lose any valuable leads.  

When implementing forms on your landing pages, you must consider various factors to ensure a smooth, on-page user experience and a high success rate of form completion. Forms that are too long risk losing potential customers, while landing page forms that are too short may not gather sufficient information to qualify visitors as worthwhile leads. You could say that crafting the ideal landing page form is part art, part science.

At Relevance, we’ve helped craft hundreds of landing pages with forms for the world’s leading luxury brands and niche industry start-ups, giving us unique insights into how to craft successful landing pages with a high rate of form completion and, ultimately, conversion. 

Here, we explore the general best practices for forms on landing pages, along with the best form designs to follow. Below, our luxury SEO experts have listed the most important practices to implement and keep in mind when crafting a landing page form:

Best practices for forms on landing pages 

For Mobile Versions

OPTIMUM CONVERSION RATE (based on the number of fields)
Conversion Rate with only 3 fields  
Conversion Rate with 3-5 fields
Conversion Rate with 6+ fields

Test and observe user behaviour on your landing page forms; after all, optimising them can mean a bigger profit for your company. 

How can Relevance help with landing page forms? 

Relevance is a leading luxury digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience developing landing page forms for some of the world’s leading luxury brands. We boast deep industry knowledge of best practices and how to create landing page forms that ensure a high rate of completion. Contact our team to learn more. 

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