Google search console monthly report emails shown in gmail inbox

How to Disable Google Search Console Monthly Performance Emails

If you have many sites registered in Google Search Console then you may find these emails slightly excessive.

As a developer, I have hundreds of sites registered in search console and their new monthly emails can fill up my inbox.

Yes, I could create a filter to hide them away, but really, these emails aren’t for me, they are for account managers reporting to clients directly.

When they first started, my first instinct was to unsubscribe, but, as I also look over technical SEO, I didn’t want to unsubscribe from other important messages.
In Search Console, there is no area to change email preferences.

So, this month I tweeted to Danny Sullivan asking if there was a way to turn them off. I sent it to the wrong person and the answer is now pretty obvious, but I got a reply from the right person, John Mu:

So the answer to the question is YES, you can unsubscribe from these emails without preventing other important emails from getting to your inbox.

Once you click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you get taken to a preferences page. Currently, the only option is to turn off the monthly reports but this may expand as more notifications are added.

A screenshot of a cell phone
Unsubscribe from monthly search console emails
A screenshot of a cell phone

Once muted, you will continue to receive alert emails from search console, but not the monthly reports.

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