Twitter Analytics – How Sweet are your Tweets?

With more than 241 million active users, Twitter provides us with a powerful social media platform to share digital content, allowing our Tweets to drive traffic and engagement.

But, have you ever wanted to know which Tweets your followers chirp on about? Well now you can, with Twitter Analytics.


 Twitter Analytics, your new friend, allows you to measure, record and boost your impact on Twitter, by providing you with an analytic breakdown of your Tweet activity, and its engagement in the big Tweeting World. Not only can you learn which of your Tweets are successful, you can even get the lowdown on your trusty followers. This means that you can fine-tune your content to your audience and boost your Twitter success.

By logging into Twitter Analytics, you come across your easy-to navigate dashboard displaying your Tweet activity, followers and Twitter Cards.

Your default Tweet activity tab allows you to analyse the number of impressions and the level of engagement that your Tweets have received. In other words, you can assess the number of people that saw your Tweet and how many interactions they have had, including: hashtags, Avatars, your username and Tweet expansion. An expanded Tweet, created by clicking on the Tweet of interest, allows you to see additional content: for example a Tweet with a hashtag will show how many hashtag clicks have followed suit.

Your “Followers” tab allows you to get to know your following a little bit better. The tab displays your follower count history and you also get a breakdown of your follower’s: interests, gender, and location. This useful tab allows you to evaluate whether or not your Tweets are reaching your audience. This data allows you to tweak your Tweets to stimulate more interactions with targeted followers.

Where Twitter Cards share rich media content; Twitter Analytics helps you to understand how this is being shared. This tool thus allows you to improve upon your URL clicks, app installments and Re-Tweets.

So here at Relevance, we recognise some key benefits of Twitter Analytics.  Through the data available, you can assess your performance, reach your target audience and nurture your efforts.

Remember, a greater depth of data means that you can create posts that meet the interests of your followers. Thus, the more that you connect with your audience on a personal and business level the greater brand awareness you shall receive.

So lets embrace a place under Twitters wings that leads the way to a greater Twitter success.


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