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How Link Baiting Techniques Maximise the Success of your SEO


Link bait is content on your website that encourages people to share, like and most importantly link to your content, not because they have been asked to, but because they want to. Importantly, these hyperlinks to your content will in time improve your site’s position on search engines. So what techniques can you use in order to maximise your reader’s experience, to get them hooked and start linking?

What are the ten simple link baiting techniques?

1. Breaking News

Be the first to write an exciting story about an upcoming or recent event, a review, a news update, or a product release. If you are the source, and break news about some exclusive knowledge, then it is your content that people will refer and cite back to making it great link bait. However, if you weren’t quite quick enough to get ahead of the line this time, make sure you get your content out there before it becomes old news.

2. Data and Statistics

Evidence is important as it backs up your information and supports an opinion or stance. Including useful and interesting data in your content often provides a springboard for discussion. Additionally, data and statistics lend themselves to be referenced and shared whilst their citation links back to your site making them fantastic link bait.

3. Infographics

An infographic is a visual image, chart or diagram that illustrates information. According to Hubspot, 40% of people respond better to information when it is visual and not simply text. Thus Infographics act as efficient link baiters as they present visual chunks of information that may be difficult to understand by text.

4. Competition

Everybody loves winning; so online competitions can be great link baiters as they cause excitement that increases traffic and brand awareness, resulting in more links. If you put the competition details on your website, then traffic will flow in. Competitions can also help you build up your social following and mailing list.

5. Lists

Lists are easy, quick to read and they supply direct information about a certain topic, making them effective link bait for knowledge seekers.  

6. Downloadable Resources

Downloadable apps, eBooks, songs and so forth serve as great link bait, as you provide the reader with something they can share and enjoy form your website and beyond.

7. Videos

Video content is attractive as it feeds the public with more information in less time. According to ReelSEO, who conducted a survey on 600 marketing professionals, 93% of them said they use video content and 82% of the participants said that it has a positive impact on their organisations. So it follows that video content is a great link baiting option. Additionally, think about embedding your video content into your website because when your video goes viral all links will take them directly to your page.

8. Answer Questions

Knowledge is a valuable resource, so if people are asking questions then why don’t you be the one to provide them with the answer? There are hundreds of question forums on the Internet, so you should offer your help and if they want more information, direct them to your website. Answers to questions not only direct traffic, but people will most likely search for your answers in the future!

9. Interviews

Conducting interviews with revered people is a great way to link bait. As interviewees link themselves to the interview they have just taken part in, their large group of followers will share and link the interview content further, thus generating increased referral traffic to your page.

10. Guest Writers

Allowing others to post on your blog is a great link bait technique. First, the guest blogger is likely to link themself to your website and second, their post will bring in their own audience to your circle, creating a larger social network.

When creating content, try to be unique and captivating by offering an original point of view. Most importantly, nobody can read your mind, so writing should be clear and concise – nobody wants to read waffle. Additionally, your content demonstrates a higher weight when written with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. 

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