September Blog Roundup – Google Adwords

google-adwordsAn invaluable source of information and ideas Google’s AdWords blog proves its worth with SEO companies in France and around the globe. This month provides a look at the new ‘My Client Centre’ interface, information on the new Sitelink tool and a little known way to boost your ads probability of appearing on YouTube.

Google AdWords –


01/09            Identify new opportunities in your AdWords account with the Opportunities tab

Opportunities tab provides keywords, keyword bids and budget ideas with the aim of improving a company’s effectiveness.

02/09            New AdWords Editor 8.0.1 for Windows and Mac

03/09            Location extensions with multiple addresses available on mobile devices

07/09            Changes to reporting in My Client Center

Development of new interface explained, endorsing its faster, easier and more secure service.

08/09            Google Instant: A More Innovative Approach to Search

10/09            Monthly charging limits for unchanged budgets

13/09            AdWords Campaign Experiments rolling out globally

AdWords Campaign Experiment allows you to test and exactly measure the impact changes make to your sites keywords and placements. Previously only available in the US it is now free globally.

16/09            YouTube Homepage: Promoted Videos advertisers can get it while it’s hot

A commonly unheard of way of getting your businesses adverts displayed on YouTube.

21/09            New My Client Center features: email notifications and custom alerts

22/09            Learn about using Sitelinks in a new online course

An extension of AdWords, Sitelinks allows you to strengthen your existing AdWord ads with additional links to relevant content within your website.

23/09            Product extensions now available to all U.K. advertisers

Strengthen your AdWord ads with longer more relevant product descriptions.

24/09            Updated Keyword Tool: Out of Beta

Announcement of the combination of two keyword tools in AdWords.

30/09            Reaching for the top spot? “Estimated Top Impressions” now available in the Bid Simulator

New tool available in Bid Simulator that allows users to see how popular their ad was in search results over the past seven days and just how much more popular it would be had they used different keywords to maximise CPC bids.

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