Google turns to AI to decide rankings – RankBrain

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the latest progression is always imminent, but Google’s most recently revealed technology, RankBrain, presents an unprecedented level of intelligence and goes some way in exposing the methods behind the search engine’s algorithms.

RankBrain’s uniqueness lies in its ability to learn, acquiring knowledge with each new piece of information it processes. RankBrain is able to translate written text into a kind of numerical language, before analysing the data using artificial intelligence. It even has the ability to speculate on an unknown value, which enhances its functionality – a truly revolutionary characteristic.

Greg Corrado – a Senior Research Scientist at Google – explained how the technology has rapidly risen to prominence to become the third most significant ranking tool in Google’s search engine algorithms, despite only being implemented a matter of months ago. He continues, suggesting that while other technologies utilise pre-existing signals, RankBrain is unique in its ability to develop.

RankBrain’s performance has exceeded the hopes and expectations of its creators, even out performing humans in predicting the top rankings of particular subjects. It seems that disabling the technology would be to the detriment of internet users.

With artificial intelligence becoming pervasive in our internet experience, the question on the lips of many is: how can we manipulate these technologies to our advantage? Unfortunately, the technology is so complex and so advanced that to do so would be virtually impossible. Google refused to divulge the finer details of RankBrain’s intricate functionality, such as the signals upon which the technology acts.

Technology is not only improving in terms of artificial intelligence, but it is also developing the ability to self-govern. RankBrain exemplifies how programmes are now capable of acknowledging, and predicting, information that doesn’t exist; it symbolises an extremely exciting time for the technology industry.

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