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How Relevance Generates High Quality Leads For Magenta Yachts

Magenta Yachts is a boutique yacht charter agency based in Mallorca, offering charter trips that range from a one-day jaunt to a three-week escape. Charterers can explore the Balearic islands guided by local experts, and can taste exquisite wines selected by Magenta Yachts’ owner and dedicated wine connoisseur. Yet having only launched in January this year, Magenta needed some help generating high quality leads that would go on to become their loyal customer base. That’s where Relevance’s premium yacht marketing services came in.

Relevance helped generate leads in many ways

How does Relevance generate high quality leads for Magenta Yachts?

Our strategy combines PPC and SEO to gain Magenta Yachts maximum exposure on the SERPS, targeting a thoughtfully-curated list of keywords that we know UHNWIs use to search for mallorca yacht charters. We have also been enhancing the website’s UX, making browsing Magenta Yachts a highly enjoyable experience. 


We have implemented a strong PPC campaign generating 20 high quality leads per month. 

Our in-house yacht marketing experts ensure our ads reach all the right people, targeting a perfectly-honed combination of locations, demographics, careers, interests, education and travel and setting smart exclusions. 

Targeting UHNWIs on paid social and search is second nature to us.  

Learn about our PPC lead generation strategy


SEO is a long-term investment, but our website optimisation has already increased Magenta Yacht’s online conversion rate. 

We created a number of new pages to answer potential clients’ questions and draw them to the website. 

These improvements will generate high quality leads next season.

Our SEO generates high quality leads


High net worth clients are used to the very best, and this extends to the time they spend online.

That’s why we have been enhancing the user experience on the Magenta Yachts website, making it both easy to use and beautiful to look at. 

Now that potential yacht charterers can easily find the sections of the website they want, Magenta has seen a higher influx of high quality leads.

Good UX for Magenta Yachts meant better leads

To learn more about how we can help you generate high quality leads, or to speak to one of our expert team, get in touch today. 

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