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Gas Detection Company Select Relevance for Multilingual SEO & Online Marketing

Last week, Industrial Scientific agreed on a multilingual SEO and online marketing contract with Account Manager Gillon Hunter.

Industrial Scientific is a leading provider of gas detection as a service and portable gas detectors. With offices worldwide – Industrial Scientific is looking to improve online exposure for the European markets as well as improve communication/relevance interactions with foreign customers.

Relevance Delighted to be Working on German, French, English & Spanish SEO for Industrial Scientific

As part of a four stage roll out, Relevance Web Marketing will be providing SEO and online marketing services in German | French | English (UK) and Spanish. The project will continue for a total of twenty months beginning in April 2013. One language will be rolled out every two months. By the end of the contract, Industrial Scientific will experience significant improvement in search engine rankings in all four languages. The aim of the project is to increase the amount of qualified organic visitors to the site, which in turn will increase enquires and sales.

After initial keyword and competition research in all four languages, Relevance will optimise 15 pages of each website. Upon completion of phase one, our multilingual team will be providing the following promotional services in German, French, English and Spanish:

Account Manager Gillon Hunter said today “We are very happy to have Industrial Scientific onboard. It’s always good to be working on more than one language and gives us the opportunity to capture a larger European market”.

Relevance specialises in European SEO and translation services. Contact our dynamic, international team for more information on these services.

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