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Zoom Yachting Selects Relevance for new Website – Live for Antibes Yacht Show

Zoom Yachting has agreed on a website design and development contract this week after talks with Account Manager Gillon Hunter. Zoom is a high-end service provider, offering logistical and mechanical requirements for Super Yachts and their distinguished guests during their stay in Turkey.

Relevance Design & Development team are delighted to be working on a new yachting website

Relevance is going to create a brand new website which will consolidate the six arms of Zoom Yachting’s business into one stunning and sleek new design. Head designer Nick Whiteley is looking forward to getting started on the new website which will be live for the Antibes Yacht Show 2013.

One element of this new build which should be an important factor for any modern day business is mobile viewing optimisation. The new Zoom Yachting website will be mobile responsive which means the site will adapt to any size screen it is viewed from. So, if you are browsing from an iPhone or iPad for example, the website will automatically re-size in order to give the best possible experience in terms of usability and efficiency. With the dramatic rise in internet use from mobile devices’, this is an essential requirement for any website.

Account Manager, Gillon Hunter commented “It will be a pleasure to work with Zoom Yachting, I am excited about the project. We are all looking forward to seeing the finished product which will be showcased at the Antibes Yacht Show commencing the 18th April 2013”.

Relevance specialises in creating beautiful bespoke websites for the yachting industry which are fully optimised for maximum search engine exposure.

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