Verpeka Dolling’s New Yachting Website Goes Live

Monaco yacht sales and charter business Verpeka Dolling opened its doors in the capital of the yachting world in 2010. Lead by industry experts Nataliya Verpeka and Rob Dolling, this boutique brokerage house has consistently won the trust and business of the world’s most discerning yacht owners. 

They came to Relevance when they realised that their agency had reached a very high level in the yachting industry, offering exclusive worldwide charters, and showcasing some of the most luxurious superyachts. The site that they had before was not enough anymore; they needed something new, sophisticated and – above all – luxurious.

At Verpeka Dolling, everyone works quickly, with unmatched expertise and courage. This distinguishes them from all other brokers, and they needed a site to match their flair.

The client’s brief was very challenging. We had to deliver something modern and different from everyone else. We had to keep their branding colours but add more bright accents and slightly update the logo. They also wished for something with a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Our design team at Relevance took into consideration our client’s brief and the latest web design trends, such as simple shapes, animations, and micro-interactions. At the end of the brainstorm and several penetration tests, they came up with a website that was as unique and bright as the creators of the company:

A flat screen tv sitting on top of a wooden surface

The homepage features several content blocks, carousels and an animated logo, where brand colours meet and mingle in a very pleasing manner. You can enjoy this interaction through the whole consumer journey.  

One of our favourite design features on this website is the transparent heading, that appears on every single page of the website:

A close up of a rock

Another beautiful design element is the dark orange hover that highlights the chosen yacht:

A ship on the water

Of course, in addition to the unique design, we conducted intensive research to optimise the site for SEO. We analysed hundreds of yachting keywords and chose the right ones for Verpeka Dolling. Our content team, together with Rob Dolling, produced amazing user-friendly and SEO-optimised content that you can now find and read on the website.

We have also created a blog that will be updated with the latest yachting news:

Our team set up tracking, search console and contact forms to analyse website performance and lead generations, meaning we could prove our value to the client.

In addition to the desktop version, we also launched a mobile one. More and more users prefer mobile devices to computers, so mobile optimisation was very important for us. On a phone screen, this website looks even more unique and captivating. What’s more, the user journey is pleasant and easy, as everything is accessible within 3 clicks.

We were limited by a short time period – to set the website live by the beginning of the Monaco Yacht Show. As always, our extraordinary team made it on time! We wish Verpeka Dolling al the best with the new website.
If you are looking for a new, modern, SEO optimized and CTA-oriented website, please contact our agency at [email protected].

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