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Moz Top 10 – December


The online marketing world does not slow down for the holiday season, and here at Relevance Web Marketing we like to keep our finger on the pulse. Therefore, we have decided to take a look into Moz’s top 10 articles from the past month, which reflect the constantly changing world of SEO.

Relevance reviews the top 10 SEO articles in December as rated by MOZ

1.    Facebook Brand Pages Suffer 44% Decline in Reach
The first article shows how changes in the Facebook algorithm appear to be punishing those trying to promote their brand via this particular social media platform. One of the biggest issues, other than the falling reach of content, is that there is no differentiation between good and poor quality content. Jim Tobin explains why this is a major issue for Facebook to overcome given the amount of money invested into it by businesses.

2.    Gmail Adds Image Caching: What You Need to Know
Google announced what could turn out to be a very useful tool for online marketers this month, email image tracking. On any advertising campaign an image can be added, which when the email is opened, is downloaded. Companies can add a counter, ensuring that they know how many of their emails have been opened.

3.    Hummingbird’s Unsung Impact on Local Search
The implementation of hummingbird created a buzz in the online marketing world and everybody is still trying to work out the effect it has. David Mihm tries to discover exactly this by trying a few different geo-located searches with the intention of finding out whether or not the hummingbird algorithm change has improved local search or not. The findings are interesting and can be seen in this article.

4.    How to Improve Your Organic SEO and Beat the Paid Search Results
As an SEO Company, you face an uphill battle if you want your client to reach the top of the Google search page organically, but it is possible. This article by Richard Baxter highlights the techniques that you can use, including; using image search results with a short description, creating an xml sitemap, as well as having a good Google+ page complete with address for local search and authorship. Further details of how to do this are found in this article.

5.    What Actually Makes Things Go Viral Will Blow Your Mind
The internet is full of content so it is difficult to know exactly how to create something that will go viral. Upworthy, who had 87 million viewers of videos they created in November, give their explanation of what is needed. If you think it is through click bait headlines, you are only partially correct. While headlines will get you initial views, the key to going viral is to produce good quality content that people want to share with their friends.

6.    The MozCast Feature Graph – Tracking Google’s Landscape
Moz has released a new tool tracker to see how changes made by Google affect Search Engine Results Pages. The new MozCast Graph Feature provides data including the percentage of terms searched which have a paid advert at the top or the side of the page, as well as much more. It is also another addictive tool which will keep those providing SEO services working long into the evening.

7.    How to Grow Your Blog to 100,000 Visits a Month Within 1.5 Years
Neil Patel is great at getting high readership for blogs; in fact he has created three blogs with over 100,000 followers for the company he works for. He describes his formula for making your blog more popular, from posting a large amount of new content, to good use of infographics and even by writing in a controversial tone. Find out the complete list of recommendations by reading the article.

8.    Getting your Google Plus Brand Page ready for +Post Ads
Google have added a +post ads system which is designed to allow Google+ pages to become rolling advertisements if you pay for it. This article discusses the likelihood of this catching on and how it may be possible to take advantage of this early on to see huge growth, as was the case with Google AdWords.

9.    How I Got My First 250 Google+ Followers
Google+ is becoming more prominent, so while it is still in its growth phase, we can all play around and discover the best way to increase your number of followers and reach via this platform. Author of this article, Rick Eliason, has done precisely this. His article discusses what he has found to be the best techniques to increase his following.

10.    Checklist for Mobile Website Improvement
It has been difficult to create the perfect mobile site, but with an ever increasing number of people using mobile internet, a good site is crucial. Google developers have created a checklist you can follow to ensure that you know how you can improve your mobile site and have happy mobile users.


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