Moz Top 10 – January

We’re a little late with our roundup this month as 2012 has been a hectic time for Relevance. Keep an eye out for our new website launching any day now along with some more announcements. In the mean time here’s our roundup of our favourite SEO blog. Some great info on a range of topics to help you (and us) stay ahead of the game.

Google gets personal…

Why Every Marketer Now Needs a Google+ Strategy

Rand Fishkin gives an overview on the controversial ‘Search Plus Your World’ update from Google. With Google now leveraging its dominant position in search to push Google+ content to the forefront of results incorporating a G+ is now an absolute requirement for any online marketing strategy as we’ve said before on this blog. 

Face-off : 4 Ways to De-personalize Google

One of the consequences of the ever more personalised results from Google is the difficulty your clients have viewing the same SERPs as you. It’s something we’re hearing more and more as clients check their ranking reports with a quick search of their own and seeing conflicting results. Here’s the sure fire methods to have everyone seeing the same SERPs.

Anchor text tips…

All About Anchor Text – Whiteboard Friday

A nice and simple summary of the facts around anchor text. Though there’s been plenty written in the past on this topic I found it really useful to have the key points that I was fairly sure of spelt out clearly in one 5 minute video.  

Anchor Text Distribution: Avoiding Over Optimization

So now you’re clear on the do and don’ts of anchor text, here’s an in-depth article on hitting exactly the right distribution/density. It’s always good to see posts based on research rather than reading a lot of conjecture. Good work Geoff Kenyon

Other great posts…

Never Worry About an Algorithm Update Again; a History

Certainly a bit of a history lesson for younger readers, but we think more importantly this is a great summary of why companies need to embrace ‘ethical’ SEO. If you’re an SEO this should be your goal already. This post is also the perfect response to anyone who still tries to dismiss SEO as a cowboy business! Thanks Wil Reynolds.

Are Your Titles Irresistibly Click Worthy & Viral?!

Very impressive and in-depth post on the importance of writing awesome titles for your content, by first-timer Dan Shure. Not something I’d ever given thought to but after reading I realised just how much a good title influences your decision to read more and share. Take a look at the most read articles next time you’re on a news site or blog, they’re almost always dominated by the most intriguing or outrageous titles.

Answers to 43 Questions About Search, Social, Content, Conversions and More

Lastly a post that covers the whole spectrum – there’s not a lot the title doesn’t tell you here! Everyone’s sure to learn a least a few valuable insights.

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