SEOmoz August Blog Round Up

Whoa… Can Query Volume Directly Influence Rankings?

Google have long claimed that query volume does not affect ranking but there has been a suspicion amongst SEO professionals that Google are being economical with the truth. Martin Macdonald tries to find out whether there is anything in this by attempting to influence autosuggest results using search volume.

Putting the « Customer » Back in Acquisition                                                      

Joanna Lord argues that marketers should be measured on the lifetime value of customers that they generate, not by the amount of traffic that they drive.

Announcing: The Complete Google Algo History                                                          

Dr Pete at SEOmoz presents us with an in-depth study of all the named updates to the Google algorithm from 2003 to the present. Essential reading for anyone interested in SEO.

An Experiment in Boosting Google Rankings w/ Search Volume                         

Rand Fishkin takes the ball thrown by Martin Macdonald earlier and runs with it, getting mixed results. He does discover something surprising though.

Are People Loving Google+ or Hating It?                              g                          

Interesting blog on how Google+ is faring in its attempt to take on Facebook et al.

What is Google’s PageRank Good For? – Whiteboard Friday                             

Rand again, clearing up some popular misconceptions about Page Rank.

Some Nifty SEO Bookmarklets To Make You More Efficient                              

Tom Critchlow shares some time saving tips on how to use bookmarklets.

How to Get Search Volume Data Straight into Excel [Mozcon Debrief]       

Richard Baxter shows us a great little Adwords toy that should help everyone speed up their keyword research.


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