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Moz’s Latest SEO News and Trends – July 23rd 2019

Discover the SEO trends 2019

We’ve passed the halfway point of the year so SEO trends in 2019 have been established. Relevance’s round-up of the Moz Top 10 brings you the latest SEO news, plus advice on how to implement the best digital marketing ideas. This week, it covers the question of what it takes to be classed as a celebrity in the social influencer space, ponders how to improve the online presence of your small business and helps you avoid jargon. Read on to learn more.

Here are the SEO trends of 2019 so far…

1. The ultimate SEO services report

Backlinko surveyed 1,200 business owners to make sense of the current state of the SEO services industry. They found out how much people pay for SEO, where people look for SEO services, factors that make them choose a certain agency and why they leave SEO providers. Did you know that reputation, cost and a provider’s own Google rankings have the most influence on someone’s decision to choose an SEO agency? We recommend that you read the whole report – it makes for some very illuminating reading that may help you develop your business goals in 2019.

2. How Does Google Value Links – An Illustration

All links are not created equal, so you should hone in on the ones that will bring you the best results. Important pages, anchor text, content analysis and user engagement are just a few factors (of many) that determine link quality. This richly illustrated article will help you understand which SEO trends of 2019 are influencing your links’ value.

3. Target keywords with no-to-low monthly search volume and reap rewards

Do you think targeting keywords with low to zero search volume is a waste of time?  Low volume keywords tend to get overlooked, but the latest SEO news suggests you could be missing out on organic traffic by ignoring them. This guide will help you tap into the high-value potential that these low-volume keywords offer to outrank your competitors.

4. Say goodbye to unsupported rules in robots.txt

Google Webmaster’s Central blog has announced they are stopping unofficial robots directives including “noindex” from 1 September 2019. They list a range of alternative options to the noindex indexing directive, such as password protection and the Search Console Remove URL tool. You can visit Google’s Help Centre for more guidance.

5. Take your small business website to the next level

Are you wondering how your small business can improve its website? Look no further! Fresh Chalk outlines all the opportunities your website has for improvement, including the age-old question of choosing Squarespace, Wix or WordPress. The first comprehensive guide in a series of blog posts, this edition specifically focuses on SEO. 

6. Talking to your clients in a language they understand: Avoiding jargon

When you are well-versed in the intricacies of SEO and spend your time around colleagues who are equally familiar with it, it can be difficult to remember that others don’t understand the jargon. The problem is that you risk confusing and alienating your clients, creating a barrier to real communication with them. This Moz blog post offers some alternative ways of speaking about digital marketing in a way your clients can understand. 

7. Got more than 30,000 social media followers? You’re a celebrity!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to earn celebrity status? Well, according to a Watchdog ruling in a landmark case, the magic number is 30,000 social media followers. This number indicates the person is a celebrity and subject to advertising rules. This has obvious implications when it comes to influencer behaviour and marketing.

8. Ice-cream truck makes Instagram ‘stars’ pay double and grows business

The backlash against social influencers trying to claim freebies continues. A Los Angeles ice-cream truck owner has declared that influencers have to pay double and as a result, he has gone viral himself. Branding himself the “anti-influencer influencer”, he has doubled his number of customers and has thousands of new followers on Instagram.

9. Key takeaways about Google Review likes

It’s in local businesses’ best interests to learn about the Google review like button feature. Anyone logged into Google can ‘like’ a review a maximum of one time, but it means business owners and employees can like their own business. Is this useful or just a pointless SEO trend for 2019? Find out by reading Moz’s blog post.

10. GrubHub is buying up thousands of restaurant domains

GrubHub is buying web domains that correlate with the names of real restaurants. According to The New Food Economy, the company has registered at least 23,000 domains. GrubHub claims contracts reserve the right to set up microsites on behalf of restaurants. But what are the implications for local restaurants hoping to build a web presence of their own? 

Tune in next fortnight to get more of the latest SEO news!

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