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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 27th March 2017

Relevance top 10

With artificial intelligence, voice search, chatbots and virtual reality in their arsenal, marketers have all the tools they need to execute effective campaigns. The only challenge is ensuring that you use them properly. Read this week’s Relevance summary of Moz’s Top 10 to get the latest information.

1. Tailor your brand’s content to your consumer’s needs

You know those accordion-esque ‘People also ask’ options that appear when you search for something on Google? If you use those properly they can be a super effective SEO tool. Britney Muller reveals all in this must-read Moz article.

2. Chat Bots will change everything

In the not too distant future, customers will expect smart chat bots that act as a concierge for their favourite brands. In this episode of Here’s Why digital marketing videos, Mark and Eric explain what they are and the impact they may have. A must read for future-proofing your brand.

3. 23 Super Interesting search stats

This insightful article is a goldmine for any SEO marketer. Ever wondered how long the average Google search session is? What percentage of search results link to Youtube? How many words does the average desktop v mobile user search in their queries? Rand Fiskin has the answers.

4. Google shrinks images

Those clever clogs over at Google have worked out a way to shrink Jpegs by 35% to make websites load faster. Find out how.

5. SEO skills become a necessity

The demand for people with content skills has never been higher but SEO skills are a must-have in 50% of available positions. See how your skills match up.

6. Amazon on-site search graphics

Get a good look under the hood of one of the world’s largest retail websites in simple-to-understand graphics. It covers everything, from the number of searches on the site to the most popular computer console. Don’t miss it.

7. Whiteboard Friday: Ranking multiple domains

Should you rank higher in a single position frequently or own more SERP real estate consistently? The answer might not always be the same. In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand Fishkin offers 4 simple questions that will give you the answer.

8. Judge gives town access to all Google searches

A small American town has become the centre of an ongoing security debate about whether police forces should be given access to Google search data if it can help solve a crime. Very important reading.

9. Does Google use Chrome to crawl new URLs?

It’s a long-held theory that may not be true according to this experiment by Stone Temple. Read their in-depth test and see what you think.

10. Google dilutes exact Adwords matches

In the world of SEO, it’s incredibly important to know Google inside out and upside down, especially when it changes the way its search works. Ginny Marvin explains the latest update that affects exact matches.

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