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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 22nd May 2017

In the latest edition of Relevance’s roundup of Moz’s Top 10, we bring you the latest on Amazon’s attempt to own the connected ecosystem of the future, as well as news on two major SEO companies going toe to toe in court, and, of course, the continuation of the keywords vs. topics saga. Enjoy.

1. Going ‘viral’ isn’t everything

It has become the buzzword of our generation but do not panic if your content isn’t going ‘viral.’ Mark and Eric of the ‘Here’s Why’ digital marketing content series explain how good quality content is still valuable to your brand.

2. Creating content using keyword tools

Moz’s Russ Jones has written an intelligent and very interesting blog post to show us how keyword tools such as Keyword Explorer can be used to accomplish far more than page-level keyword targeting, bringing keyword research out of the realm of mere keyword selection. Don’t miss it.

3. Is Amazon aiming to control our future?

As Amazon launch their latest piece of interactive hardware, Show, just two weeks after Echo Look, Lisa Lacy asks what this means for search in our daily lives and what the company’s intentions just might be. A fascinating glimpse into the future of our industry.

4. Making the most of Google Tag Manager

Whether you’re a regular user of GTM or you’ve never heard of it before, Sam Nemzer’s article is a must-read article that shows how to make it an asset for your brand’s SEO efforts.

5. How to improve your Google Analytics data

Setting up Google Analytics is just the first step towards understanding your brand’s online traffic. Paige Flanagan explains how to make your GA data more actionable and accurate, and who wouldn’t want that?

6. How many keywords does the average page rank for?

Using a study of 3 million random search queries the guys over at Ahrefs blog set out to find the answer, and it might surprise you. Read on to find out.

7. Are search engines turning to topics?

It seems that the next evolution of SEO is upon us as search behemoths such as Google turn away from keywords and towards topic-based content. See what this means for your brand in this thought-provoking Hubspot post.

8. Why Searchmetrics filing for bankruptcy has the industry enthralled

The ongoing court saga between Searchmetrics and BrightEdge took an interesting turn as the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. If it comes off, other venture-funded companies may follow suit.

9. Google gets smarter

The behemoth is updating app and mobile experience in the US to help searchers find nearby events after seeing more and more people search for things to do. Find out what it means for you.

10. How to rank in image search

As more and more people search for images, photos and graphics on Google, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of visual SEO. In this Whiteboard Friday, Randy Fishing packs in all you could ever want to know.

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