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SEO Top 10 Relevance – 12th July 2017

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Last week, the SEO world was rocked by the news that Rand Fishkin, the Founder of Moz and an all-round SEO guru, would be stepping down from his prominent role at the helm of Moz. But fear not, digital marketers, he will maintain a role within the company.

In this week’s Moz Top 10, the man himself analyses click, visit and engagement data to explore Google’s algorithm; BuzzSumo delves into the world of effective titles; and Moz shares a case study that saw a team of marketing professional take a site from zero to 100k visitors in just one year.

1. BuzzSumo studies 100 million headlines to reach new conclusions

BuzzSumo reveals the key to writing eye-capturing headlines after analysis a vast number of titles. Discover the key to success and have your content read.

2. Enhance your content with data

Do you lack the data needed to produce great content? Think again. Russ Jones illustrates rudimentary methods for extracting data and writing great, authoritative content with it.

3. Up your email marketing game with these link building email templates

Kaiserthesage offers 22 effective link building email templates to enhance your email marketing strategy. Email marketing remains one of the most effective means of reaching your audience, so pay attention.

4. Boost your marketing with personas

When building an audience, it is essential to know who they are and what they are looking for. Develop online personas to improve the effectiveness of your marketing techniques.

5. Simplify website alterations with Google Tag Manager

More than just for site tracking, Good Tag Manager offers a simple way to make simple changes to your website. advises marketers how to avoid developer involvement by getting to grips with Google Tag Manager.

6. Rand Fishkin re-examines Google’s use of visit & click data

Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz, has delved deeply into the role of visit and click data in determining Google’s rankings. Question what you thought to be true with Rand’s surprising results.

7. A marketing case study: from 0 to 100k visitors per month

Find out how this marketing team took a brand new website to 100k visitors per months in just one year. With a strong campaign and hard work, it is possible to boost visitor traffic organically.

8. Link spam should be dealt with

Following Google’s neutralisation of penalties for link spam, spammers are seizing the opportunity to take action. Read about how to deal with link spam, and why it is important.

9. Is Gmail sabotaging your marketing efforts?

Many marketers have noticed significant cuts in readership for their email newsletters. Is yours being sent to your audience’s spam folder? Find out what can be done to prevent this foul play.

10. Danny Sullivan: an SEO legend takes a backseat

From Chief Content Office to advisor, Danny Sullivan takes a step back at Third Door Media. Find out how the SEO guru will pass his time after the transition.



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