Relevance Top 10 – March

Here is a selection of the latest Digital news and updates, brought to you by Relevance. In March URL Best Practice, Google’s Mobile Deadline, and Content Marketing budgets are among the insights from industry specialists along with the ever-increasing presence of mobile marketing.

1 Google Q&A on Upcoming Mobile Ranking Change

Questions are directed to Google’s Gary Illyes on the upcoming mobile changes to Google’s ranking algorithm for searchers on mobile devices. When will the change go live? Is Google considering a completely separate mobile index in the future? Click on the title to find out more.

2 Facebook Warns Page Owners About Upcoming Drop in Page Likes

Facebook plans to change the way likes are counted in order to deliver more accurate data. This will result in a drop in likes so Facebook is here to explain why.

15 SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs

Rand Fishkin returns to SEO fundamentals to describe the optimal structure and practises for structuring of domain names and URL’s. He reiterates the point that the easier you make things for search engines and for users, the better the results tend to be.

Google Reveals Android App for On-the-Go Campaign Management

Google has revealed an Android app that is available in the Play store. This is the first time that Google has launched an app for monitoring AdWords campaigns.

5 Content Marketing Budget Examples for all Business sizes

How much to spend on content marketing and where to allocate budget, are challenges both business owners and marketers face. Kane Jamison gives some insight into how to prioritise content marketing spends for a wide variety of businesses.

6 How Apple is drowning out Mobile World Congress

Apple is no stranger to overshadowing tech industry events and the launch of the new Apple Watch coinciding with Mobile World Congress, confirms that Apple refuses to be seen as one of the “tech pack”.

7 Implementing Optimizely with Google Tag Manger and Google Analytics

The article explains some of the issues of using Optimizely and Google Tag Manager. It then follows with a step-by-step guide on how to Install Optimizely; integrating it With Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager.

8 The Web’s Grain

Frank Chimero, provides a view on designing for the web in this captivating article, starting with a trip down memory lane.

9 Call-Only Ads – 5 Reasons Why They Should Be Part of Your PPC Strategy

The mobile landscape continues to expand and grow. Call-only ads are presenting a great way to promote your business by targeting your mobile customers.

10 5 Ways to Get 10x More Retweets on Twitter

Be Colourful. Be Useful. Be Real. Larry Kim discovered some commonalities among his most popular Twitter posts and presents a run down of which content performs best and why.

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