Relevance Top 10 – April

Relevance once again presents to you the latest Digital news. The only constant in digital marketing is change, so be sure to take a moment to get up-to-date with the helpful insights from industry experts. Social media, Meerkat, and content, content, content are on this month’s agenda.


1. Why Small Business Should Invest More in Content Marketing 

Producing quality, varied content can be time consuming and thinking up new ideas can be challenging. So are the rewards worth it? Discover 10 reasons why content marketing should be the focus of your business in 2015.


2. 15 Ways You’re Probably Misusing Social Media

Social media can no longer be considered new and yet it is still frequently misunderstood and misused. Make sure you are on track to maximise your social media efforts with these 15 tips.  


3. Google Offers Advice Ahead of Mobile Friendly Algorithm Change

Ahead of the April 21st algorithm changes, Search giant Google is offering advice on common mistakes to avoid when converting a site to mobile. Read the overview here, with access to the full guide from Google.


4. Facts or Fiction? 10 SEO Myths Debunked

Cyrus Shepard takes us through his amusing and informed list of 10 SEO myths. Ranging from validating its existence, to rankings for ‘magical’ keywords, this list is sure to entertain and perhaps, educate.


5. Should You Go Custom or Template?

A key question in web development; should you invest in a unique heavily branded site, or would a basic template with minimal customisation suit your needs? This nifty tool by Brolik will provide the answer.


6. 3 Easy Questions SEOs Must Ask Themselves

Before you focus on your organic strategy, the advice here is to ask yourself a few seemingly basic questions. This will ensure that before you consider specific tactics, your content as a whole is visible, understandable, and shareable.


7. Keep Your Content from Fading into Oblivion

This article takes a look at the strategy of content writing; writing for the target audience, and what happens after the article is published. Often post-publishing is a state of nothing, so take the advice here to ensure your content avoids fading into oblivion.


8. Mobile Will Be a Driving Force in the Travel Industry for 2015

The growth of mobile is showing no signs of slowing and the use of mobile devices for travel bookings is set to increase by 30% by 2017. Find out why it has been highlighted as the most exciting opportunity for the industry.


9. Eight ways brands can add Meerkat into their marketing mix

Meerkat is the latest buzz doing the rounds in the digital world. It is reported to potentially change social media forever whilst making a significant impact on digital marketing. So what is it? Anna Francis is here to explain all. 


10. 11 Ways for Local Businesses to Get Links

Growing a strong link profile is essential to your website’s success in search engines. Finding those links however, can be difficult even with the budget and resources. Casey Merez offers 11 ways you can earn links for your business. 

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