Relevance Helps Monaco-Based Charity: ‘Chances for Children’

Since 2016, Relevance has been supporting the Monaco-based charity – Chances for Children – on a project to help gain more online presence and draw attention to their cause, especially from much needed donors.

The C4C foundation runs an orphanage in Uganda, giving children from the poorest corners of the country a new chance at life. The charity has gone from strength to strength since its inception, from caring for an increasing number of children, to building a new school and home that will stand the test of time. Currently, 56 children are supported by C4C, between the ages of 4 and 15.

Chances for Children

The goal of the foundation is to support these children in a self-subsistent manner, with the help of a farm built on the premises of the orphanage. To reach this goal the charity’s aim has been to become more visible online in order to raise enough funds for their projects.

Relevance has to date provided some great assistance to the C4C team. In 2018, a new online donation system was set up, so that philanthropists from all over the world could support the cause. Members from the Relevance team have also taken part in charity fun runs, alongside their ongoing SEO and digital marketing efforts, including regular Press releases to local and international communities.

Relevance is very much looking forward to continuing its collaboration with C4C to help spread the word.

Chances for Children

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