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Relevance Signs Leading Player in South-East Asian Yachting Industry

Pen Marine put pen to paper this morning and became the latest yachting company to select the skills and expertise of the Relevance team for yacht marketing.

Commencing with keyword research and on-page optimisation, Relevance will ensure the perfect foundations are set for the website to rank well in search engines for relevant keyword phrases. As part of phase 1, various technical issues will be fixed which were identified following the website audit conducted by an SEO specialist at Relevance HQ in Nice.

SEO and online marketing contract for premium brokerage/boat yard outfit

A little history on Pen Marine – This South‐East Asian luxury marine business was created by Oh Kean Shen and Pheh Hue Huat who have over 25 years experience between them. They created their partnership in the late 1980s and are one of the most respectable businesses of this nature in Malaysia. Since its formation, the company have been proactive in building and importing boats to inspire the needs of the Asian market, which has included a quality service that not only imports and manufactures yachts, but it provides boating maintenance for its clients.

« I’m very happy to have Pen Marine on-board. The partnerships we have built for the yachting industry are instrumental in improving online visibility for companies like Pen Marine“ commented Account Director Gillon Hunter this morning.

Pen Marine is looking to improve online visibility of their website as well as increase enquires and sales. With this goal in mind, Relevance has tailor-made an online marketing package which will follow on from the initial optimisation carried out in December. This promotional package includes many modern and cutting edge digital marketing techniques and benefits from the extensive yachting specific partnerships Relevance has created. Some of the services provided will include article creation and syndication, quality link building, social media optimisation, management, and promotion. Each month, Pen Marine will be kept up-to-date with progress with in-depth reporting, consultancy and meetings.

Hunter ended by saying “Relevance has yachting clients all over the world. This latest addition from the Southeast-Asian region is another very welcome customer. We are looking forward to working together. »

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