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Relevance Signs JetClass & Charterscanner – The Business Aviation Experts

The Relevance team is delighted to welcome two more business aviation clients on board. We recently signed JetClass and Charterscanner who will benefit from our full range of SEO and digital marketing services.


Charterscanner is an exclusive, broker-free booking service that helps you get maximum value when you need private planes for hire. It allows you to search for and compare whole private jets rather than seats. It offers private planes for hire and passenger commercial charters. The company is the first choice for luxury travel.

The platform offers anonymity for the customer, until confirmation of booking and allows the customer to have transparent access to pricing and the aviation market. It is the first aviation company to introduce dynamic flight schedules, adapting to its customer base and bypassing brokers and their additional costs to the advantage of the final user. It caters to high net worth individuals and their families.

Relevance has been chosen to target the European market of HNWI jet flyers, in addition to publicising Charterscanner within the industry.



JetClass was founded by the same visionary team who founded Charterscanner: business aviation guru Vladislav Zenov and tech-entrepreneur Wagas Ali. JetClass’ business model is based on selling seats, rather than the whole jet, to those who travel business class. It targets discerning travellers by offering the same price as commercial business flights but with the advantage of a wait-free private service.

JetClass has reinvented business travel by enabling passengers to book seats on private jets for the same price as business class tickets, without membership fees. JetClass offer an excellent opportunity for business networking on flights. The company will launch its inaugural flights in July 2017, which will include fixed routes connecting London, Zurich, Brussels and Nice.

Relevance will provide SEO services, content marketing, PR and social media marketing for JetClass and Charterscanner. We look forward to collaborating with these two top tier aviation companies.

To find out how Relevance can help your luxury business with our SEO and digital marketing expertise, please contact us.

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