Relevance SEO tips countdown on Moz's Top Ten

Relevance SEO Top Ten – 13th November 2018

Welcome to the latest Relevance SEO countdown of Moz’s Top 10. For anyone still confused about log file analysis and Google’s ever-shifting algorithm, this post is an essential read. Catch up on all the latest SEO tips, from Google’s spooky Halloween ranking update to reigniting your passion for optimisation. This edition of Moz’s Top 10 will also help you become a pro at SEO-friendly pagination and customer service.

Relevance SEO Tips: The Latest From Moz


1. Google’s Spooky Halloween Ranking Update


After Halloween, some members of the SEO community started complaining about significant ranking changes in Google’s search results. People had noticed changes in their rankings and the search results they track, which they attributed to a Google algorithm update on Halloween night. Barry Schwartz believes it’s either a niche-targeted update that took place early or a limited short test. Something went bump in the night, but only time will tell what it was.


2. Log File Analysis For Beginners


Have you ever wondered what Googlebot is doing on your website? Moz’s Britney Muller guides us through the three primary areas of log file analysis: the types of logs that you might see and what that information means, how to analyse that data, and finally, how to use these insights to optimise your website.

A room of servers hosting websites. Your log file is created and maintained automatically by your website's server.


3. Google CTR in 2018: No-Click Searches On The Up


Google frequently publishes content snippets to answer queries before searchers even click through to websites. The latest numbers show that no-click searches are growing steadily while organic and paid CTRs suffer. This is bad news for content creators, but what can be done? According to Rand Fishkin, this is an area crying out for creative solutions.


4. Handy Tools For Measuring Keyword Relationships


Although there are plenty of keyword research tools available for assessing search volume (Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Traffic Estimator and Google Trends), none of them are precise. Why not try analysing the relationship between keywords rather than their exact volume? Take a look at this handy comparison of how top SEO tools measure keyword relationships.


5. SEO Best-Practices For Pagination


Site pagination is an inevitability for SEOs. There will come a time when your website will need to split content across a series of component pages to enhance UX. This tutorial takes the pain out of pagination and puts you on the fast-track to dealing with the myths, realities and tasks involved in the process.


6. Moz’s Local Customer Service Strategy: Online and Offline


If you’re wondering how to level-up your customer service in the new year, check out these tips on Moz’s blog. The necessary strategy encompasses both online and offline customer service. This guide helps you understand how becoming an always-available resource will earn your brand lucrative loyalty while avoiding common barriers to customer service.

Read Moz's blog for tips on online and offline customer service


7. Investigating Google’s Shifting Algorithm With Marie Haynes


Use these SEO tips to avoid the pitfalls of web optimisation campaigns. SEO analyst Marie Haynes offers insight into Google’s ever-shifting algorithm. She believes all the changes Google is making to its algorithm are connected to their Quality Rater’s Guidelines. Check out the article to find out more.


8. Google’s Knowledge Graph Now Updates Itself: Here’s How


Knowledge graphs are now self-propelling mechanisms that no longer need manual updates! Google has started to collect facts about the people, places, and things it finds on webpages. Our Relevance SEO team found this to be a particularly interesting insight into how search engines are getting smarter.


9. Implementing a National Tracking Strategy in 2018


The localisation of organic SERPs has changed the landscape of tracking strategies. Hyper-local SERPs don’t necessarily spell the end for national tracking. They just mean you’ll need to adjust your strategy to calculate a national average after focusing on chosen cities.


10. Reignite Your Passion for SEO


SEO is not for the faint of heart. It’s exciting and rewarding, but it also requires dedication and patience. SEO professionals can face challenges like burnout and boredom, as well as the constant feeling of pressure to produce results. Maybe it’s time to start setting realistic expectations and celebrating wins. The Search Engine Journal discusses ways to keep your passion for SEO alive.

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