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Relevance SEO Top 10 – 12th September 2016

Relevance top 10

As with every summary of Moz’s Top 10, we at Relevance are keen to bring you the latest and greatest from the world of SEO. This instalment is essential reading for every digital marketer, with big news from the likes of Google and Wired, as well as some must-read articles from experts such as Elizabeth Jensen, Hannah Smith and Aleyda Solis. Read on or get left behind!

1. Google devalues pop-up heavy sites to improve its UX

From the beginning of next year, Google will no longer rank pages with over intrusive and interruptive adverts as highly as pages without. Most importantly for web designers and business owners to note is that this include pop-ups triggered when viewing search results and scrolling the page. Check out the article to see how this affects you.
2. Are AMP pages for you and your site?

With more and more people using their mobiles to experience the internet, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) are becoming an increasingly hot topic. In fact, we covered them in our last summary of Moz’s Top 10. But should you implement them? Richard Baxter helps you decide.
3. Google has a new card up its sleeve

Testing, testing, testing. It’s in Google’s DNA and is behind much, if not all, of its massive success. But it’s still surprising that they’re exploring CARDS, which represents a huge leap from its current approach. Moz’s very own Dr Peter J.Meyers explains all and what it means for your SEO.

4. National Public Radio silences its audience

NPR has always had a very active comment section on its site but as of August 23rd the site has taken away its audience’s ability to make remarks and interact. With nearly 33m unique users and over 491,000 comments in July alone, NPR is turning its back on a large community. Elizabeth Jensen explains why.

5. What the hell is a content hook?

Hannah Smith, head of creative at Verve Search, has put together an in-depth slide show with 250 frames to give you tips and insights that will improve your user engagement. Read on to learn how to hook your audience and keep them.

6. Keep it local

Randy Fishking explains why all websites (and he means ALL websites) should be thinking about local listings and citations as part of their search strategy. Whether you’re a big global company or a new-born startup, this is one article you have to read.

7. What Wired taught us about HTTPS

Wired’s switch to HTTPS was anything but smooth, yet rather than keep their learnings for themselves they’ve graciously taken us along for the ride and passed on all they’ve learnt from the transition. Here in their latest update they explain how it’s affected their SEO and what’s next. Click the link and see what you can learn.

8. The great HTTPS migration checklist

International Search Consultant, Aleyda Solis, puts together a handy Google Docs checklist to help make your own migration from HTTP to HTTPS as pain-free as possible. If you want to avoid doing a ‘Wired’ then read on.

9. The world’s best ever ads

For the first time at Mozcon they’ll be showing some of the most powerful and moving adverts ever. Randy Fishking asks for your contributions and why the ad hit home with you.

10. #HireMozzers

If you’re looking to hire some epic SEO experts (and very, very nice people) then look no further than these former Mozzers who have put together a website to showcase their skills.

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