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Relevance review on the EMD Algorithm Update October 2012

In responce to the Exact Match Domains review blog post by Search Engine Journal:

OK guys I want to start off by reacting to a few points made by Jayson in “”.

I don’t think we should ostracize EMDs as the enemy and I don’t think Google can honestly punish EMDs or for that matter take the juice away for having a good user friendly name.



I don’t think Google can honestly punish Exact Match Domains s or for that matter take the juice away for having a good user friendly name.

“these spammy domain names” – Legitimate Business Names
Please remember that for the most part EMDs are NOT “spammy names”. If you created a teeth whitening toothpaste why can’t you call it Teeth Whitening rather than Jonesey’s Stuff. Why can’t you call your Boat Show in Dubai “Boat Show Dubai” rather than some made up name like “Boodle”. Some business names come from history and might easily be called “Jackson’s winter holidays” or “Mexico dream weekends” or “The London Dentist Company”.

There is no way Google could/would /should punish companies or even take away credit for their own legitimate business name.

“jeapardize a website’s chance for search visibility” – Infringement on Capitalism
When creating a business name as an entrepreneur how can Google prevent you from choosing a relevant name for your business on conception with the fear of not getting any credit for it. I agree with the point about small businesses – normally they need some relevancy in their name for prospects to discover what they are about. Don’t hurt small business.

“the majority of EMDs lack quality content” – ?
Is this based on any data at all? I think this is a sweeping generalization.

“spare sites with strong brands” – Brand Names can be Keywords
That brings me to companies whose brand names are exact match keywords.
Is McDonalds a keyword? Is Google a keyword? Is “Search Engine journal” a keyword is “SEOMOZ” a keyword? Are company websites going to get punished for their own names? Is Google an Exact Match Domain?

My View
I think this algorithm update is probably hot air and might be re-addressed at a later date as it goes against everything America stands for.

If the name of a website tells Google and people what the site is about their user experience must be increased and Google wouldn’t want to damage that. The best way of doing that is in the URL or in the Meta data. I think the URL is fairer than Meta to “keyword” as you have to live with it forever.

Imagine Google as a librarian – all it wants is to put the most relevant books on the right shelves with the most interesting ones at the front.

I am not sure Google can really honestly punish websites with EMDs or for that matter take the juice away for having a good user friendly name.

The Real Rules
Sites with poor content and feeble/fake/self-created links have been punished, or have had their juice taken away. Websites with top fresh content which promote what they are about on other websites and social media are going to be credited as before.

and what about the domain name market……we can’t let those guys suffer 😉

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