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Relevance develops a custom designed WordPress website for Interactive Space

Interactive Space, a leading specialist in office relocation in London, chose Relevance to design and develop their website. Relevance has a proven track record in producing feature-rich and beautiful custom designed WordPress websites. We worked with Interactive Space on their new website design from concept to development with a focus on overhauling their web presence in the long run. The new custom designed WordPress website is an extension of the Interactive Space brand and uses color schemes, fonts, and themes to communicate effectively with the target audience.

The Interactive Space website has an improved organisation and presentation of content enabling visitors to quickly navigate to the desired pages. The website stands out with a minimalist look showcasing Interactive Space’s client portfolio in the best light while maintaining a simple interface.

The site is built on WordPress and is aimed at providing staff with complete control over adding, editing and deleting items. Relevance also provides ongoing operational support to Interactive Space.

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