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Relevance Delivers Website Redesign for Callender Howorth

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Website Development

Relevance recently provided a full digital renovation for its luxury interior design client, Callender Howorth. Replicating the design approach of Mark Howorth and his team, the Relevance developers created a functional, minimalist and modern website design. User experience has been greatly improved, making for a simpler and more productive browsing experience.




The colour of the website has changed from purple and black to white and black, invigorating the design with a new feeling of cleanliness and professionalism. A spotlight has been placed on Callender Howorth extensive array of luxury interior design projects to emphasise the quality of the company’s work. With custom-built image sliders for each of Callender Howorth’s projects, the interior designs are displayed in all their glory.



Restructured Content

In order to give the website a tidy appearance and to improve user experience, we changed the layout of the pages. Images have been prioritised over text to underpin the nature and quality of Callender Howorth’s work. The structure of the site has been simplified to improve its efficiency and convert as many visitors as possible. We also improved the structure of the content on the landing pages and in the projects, meaning readers can take more information from shorter reads. The site’s navigation was altered from a static, horizontal menu to a drop-down menu. This applies for both desktop and mobile – both of which have been taken into consideration in the redesign. The site is fully optimised for mobile browsing, as 50% of web sessions are conducted from a mobile device.


About Relevance

Based in the heart of Monaco, and with offices in London and New York, Relevance is a digital agency that specialises in all aspects of website development and digital marketing. We have a great deal of experience in many luxury industries, including yachting, aviation, real estate, supercars, fashion and more. Our team of knowledgeable marketers comprises account managers, SEO experts, PR specialists, web developers, designers and content writers. Contact Relevance on +377 97 77 99 52 to discuss your digital requirements and to convert more of your website’s visitors.

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