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November Blog Roundup – Google Webmaster

google webmaster logoThis month’s Webmaster Blog is overflowing with interesting updates and information for anyone interested in how the Google web-mind works. Yet again your favourite SEO Company based in France breaks this month’s top stories down to more manageable mouthfuls for you to digest and enjoy.


Best practices for running multiple sites
Running a lot f sites can be time consuming, tiring and frustrating if you don’t see the results you expect in Google SERPs. Here are a few points to keep in mind when deciding on the best strategy to undertake for these sites to see the best results.

Rich snippets for shopping sites
Google now supports Rich Snippets for online shopping.  Rich Snippets shows price, availability and product reviews of items that have been enhanced using structured data from the company’s site.


Make your websites run faster, automatically — try mod_pagespeed for Apache
Simple step by step guide for developers wanting to speed up their sites web pages.

How to help Google identify web spam
Google initiative to make users Spam Reports more effective

A Chrome extension for reporting webspam

Instant Previews
Google introduces Instant Previews, a new Google search feature that allows users to see visual preview of their search results, making an SEO company based in France‘s keywords even more important.



What a feeling! Even better indexing of SWF content
A look at the progress made by Google towards indexing Flash Technology based content effectively.

Petits fours in your search results
Since making their search results for certain queries more user friendly by allowing searchers to see individual domain pages, Google have gone one step further by allowing, where appropriate, even more examples of pages from an individual domain. This allows users to find the results to their queries quicker.


Controlling crawling and indexing now documented on
A comprehensive resource site that allows users to see just how Googlebot crawls indexes and ranks your site.



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