Moz Top 10 – December

Welcome to the final Moz top 10 of the year 2014. Join Relevance as we take a look at not only December’s SEO news but also at changes that have occurred to the industry over the past year and what we can expect from the future of SEO. In this month’s issue we will be covering a diverse range of SEO topics from creating rich snippets to current landing page trends from experts on the subjects.

Moz Top 10 – December

1. Micro Data & Rich Snippets: Everything You Need to Know

SEO experts Builtvisible have relased an updated version of their comprehensive guide to creating rich snippets. Whether you have already read the original version or not, it is well worth visiting to discover how to improve your snippets from the basics (« what is micro data? ») to the more complicated (« create interactive breadcrumb sales for your search listings »).

2. OMG! Mobile Voice Survey Reveals Teens Love to Talk

Google unveils data collected on the changing trends of smart phone users in its official blog. With mobile voice searches more than doubling in the past year, Google shares exclusive updated information on what the general public are searching for and how. Stay one step ahead by predicting your client’s next search.

3. Google’s Gary Ilyes Discusses Mobile as a Ranking Factor

Read Eric Enge’s interview with Google’s Gary Ilyes. Gary reveals all about Google’s new ‘mobile friendly’ ranking factor, the search engine’s increased emphasis on user experience and the future of the famed Penguin algorithm.

4. Panda 4.1 Google Leaked Dos and Don’ts – Whiteboard Friday

After lengthy and painstaking research into Google’s elusive Panda algorithm, SEO expert Josh Bachynski delivers an encycolpaedic presentation on how to Panda-proof your website.

5. Introducing the Simple SEO Audit Tool

Circlerank’s Sean Malseed’s has created a tool to audit a website and highlight schema implemented per URL. Bill Sebald reveals all about this useful SEO tool.

6. Chartbeat Shines a Light on Dark Social, Finds Missing Mobile Referrers

SEO experts will be familiar with pesky anonymous traffic that has been distorting analytics data for years. Martin Beck investigates the true source of this dark social traffic to find some shocking results including an increase of 40% in mobile Facebook traffic.

7. What New SEOs Don’t Know Unless You Tell Them: A Reminder from Outside the Echo Chamber

SEO is a weird and wonderful industry. Wonderful for those providing the services, weird for those who know nothing about it. Ruth Burr explains on Moz’s very own blog how SEO experts can communicate and quantify the value of good SEO to those less knowledgeable clients.

8. Why SEOs Need to Care About User Experience

Often SEOs can get so carried away with following and appeasing the latest Google updates, such is the rapid evolution of the search engine, that they neglect user experience. URL Profiler reminds us of its importance to SEOs. « Google only cares about Google’s users ».

9. 15 Landing Page Trends from Rising Companies, Designers and our 25,000+ Users

Will Hoekenga imparts his wisdom on landing pages. Find some inspiration in the latest LeadPages article.

10. Ten Things We Believe After 1,000 Days of Building Maptia

Travel photo and story sharing company Maptia describes its 1,000 day long journey to cretae their website. Find out what it takes to create a successful startup here.

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