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Relevance SEO Top Ten – 17th January 2019

Discover Moz's top ten search engine optimization tips for this fortnight

Happy 2019! The new year brings plenty of new ideas for digital marketing and a great place to start is Moz’s latest Top 10. Let Moz’s search engine optimization tips help you start off 2019 on the right page (or SERP even!).

This edition covers everything from defining your elevator pitch to improving your local search toolkit. Plus, how to get your hands on more than 100 helpful Google Sheets templates. Moz continues to focus the last three links on local SEO, signifying its continual importance.

The latest and greatest search engine optimization tips  

1. CTR Found To Be A Ranking Factor

It’s official: click-through rates impact Google rankings. Cyrus Shepard, Founder of Zyppy SEO, shares his favourite document courtesy of a open records request by WSJ. Time to focus on those CTRs!

2. Bossing Your SEO Elevator Pitch

Do other people understand your job? If you ever get the feeling that people are just nodding politely as you tell them what you do for a living, it’s time to work on your elevator pitch. Moz has created this Whiteboard Friday to help you refine your elevator pitch. Watch the video to learn how to craft a concise and jargon-free introduction. Rest assured, it will help you define your value as a digital marketing professional and ensure others recognise it too.

3. Make Mobile-First Indexing An Absolute Priority

According to Google, mobile-first indexing is used for over half the web pages in its search results. Maybe this is all the persuasion your client needs to make mobile SEO a priority.  More people now search using mobiles and the old desktop era’s ranking system is a hindrance to user experience. So make sure you include mobile-first indexing in your top search engine optimization tips for 2019, if you haven’t already advised it.

4. What Influences Content Amplification?

Do you have trouble deciding what content to share online? Rand Fishkin discusses this dilemma that marketers have in the realm of content amplification and what influences it. From algorithms to audience reach, there are a lot of considerations that are personal to your situation.

5. Top Ten Marketing & Analytics Tasks For 2019

Avinash Kaushik outlines a robust list of tasks and new ideas for digital marketing in 2019. These two “Top 10” lists broadly cover marketing and analytics. From taking a class in data visualisation to understanding your customer’s journey, Kaushik tackles all bases.  

6. Save Time With Google Sheets Marketing Templates

Get your year off to a well-stocked start with these amazing new marketing templates and automation tools. This compilation of the best Google Sheets for marketers includes content, keyword research, link building, technical SEO and a whole host of other useful categories. These sheets will save you time and tighten up your processes so you can focus on the important stuff – the data.

7. TF*IDF – The Magic Equation

Have you recently heard the term TF*IDF? It’s an equation – Term Frequency times Inverse Document Frequency – and measures how frequently a term is used on a page (TF), combined with how often that term appears in all pages of a collection (IDF). This method of analysing the topics in content has potential as an objective method to measure and improve your copy. This study offers interesting insight into how it could help you with search engine optimization.

8. Getting Local Businesses Onto Google Knowledge Panel

Moz interviews Pointy’s CEO Mark Cummins about the next big thing in local SEO: finding local offline inventory via an online search engine. Sometimes you know what you want to buy and you want to pick it up locally, but there’s a knowledge gap. Now a modest, one-time investment can bridge that gap and get retail businesses’ inventory online and onto the Google Knowledge Panel. Read about one of the best new ideas for digital marketing at a local level here.  

9. Improving Your Yelp Reviews After The Site’s Latest Update

Since late autumn, Yelp reviews have been going missing. Even worse, in extreme cases, some businesses have lost over 1,000 reviews to “Not Recommended.” What was behind these rogue reviews? It seems tied to a major update to Yelp’s systems around late October. Check the article to find out more about this frustrating issue and what you can do to improve your Yelp presence.

10. Boost Your Local SEO Strategy

Organic tools don’t serve the local SEO world very well and issues like rankings on third-party review sites need further exploration. David Mihm and Mike Blumenthal discuss Saas deficits and how they could help inform your overall local SEO strategy. Their search engine optimization tips can help you improve your local toolkit.

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