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The general conclusion of the research is that customers of luxury brands’ love surfing the web, looking for products they are going to buy or comparing goods with one another. Usually they prefer watching video presentations of the products instead of reading the descriptions or browsing through photos. Another interesting point is the fact that luxury buyers use their mobiles to shop online twice as much as general customers and 4 times as many use tablets.

But even more interesting details are presented when dividing the global market into three segments: the new market of China, Russia and Brazil; the mature market of developed countries like France, Italy and the USA; and the Japanese market.

The research recently conducted by Google aimed to determine the differences in the luxury goods consumers’ behaviour in different countries: who, how and why use the Internet to purchase luxurious products. Here are some interesting results.

Great newcomers: China, Russia, and Brazil.

Luxury buyers of China, Russia and Brazil are the most frequent purchasers on the world’s luxury market, during the last two years, each customer from these three countries has bought 22,7 luxury items on average. 92% of them are active Internet users and 90% of them use the web to search for the goods they want to buy. The average luxury customer from one of these countries is a 37-year-od woman who spends $2,600 for one luxury item.

Old gang: Europe and the USA.

Male and female luxury consumers are split evenly in the English, French, German, Italian and American markets. The average buyer is 46-years-old, spends $2,288 on luxury goods at one time and has bought 12,9 luxury items during the last two years.

These customers use the Internet less that the newcomer luxury consumers, but still plays an important role: about 2/3 of all European and American luxury buyers research goods on the web before purchase.  


In Japan, the country where the luxury purchasers rely on the Internet less then anywhere else, about 50% of all buyers still research on the web before buying. More than half of Japanese luxury consumers are men and the average age is 49. They have bought 5,7 luxury items during the past two years and spend about $2,700 on each.

Mostly the customers of the each market listed above start their researches on search engines. The most popular Chinese search engine is Baidu; Russians prefer Yandex; Brazilian, European and American people use Google. And whenever you would like to start your penetration to any of these markets, Relevance will help you with your international online-marketing strategy.

Source: Online Media Daily


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