Google AdWords 61


Google AdWords 61This month you can take a look at making VOD work for your business, building mobile friendly sites and interest based marketing on the Google AdWords blog.  This month was highly focused on Google shopping – tutorials, help guides and multi-platform viewing were just a few of the articles on offer to learn more about.

The Month’s News from Google AdWords


Google Shopping and SMBs: What you need to know

This month Google adwords did hangouts on-air. This 4 part series was a help guide for small to medium businesses to go through the transition to Google Shopping. An informative guide showing businesses how to list their products on Google Shopping.

Session 1: Google Shopping Introduction and Overview
Session 2: Introduction to Merchant Center
Session 3: Creating and Optimizing Your Product Listing Ads for Google Shopping
Session 4: Trusted Stores Overview and Setup

These sessions can be found on the Google Ads Google+ page.


Helping businesses get started with Google Shopping: A new, easy way to create Product Listing Ads in Merchant Center

Google shopping is about getting merchants of all sizes to compete efficiently. Feedback has shown first time Adwords advertisers might feel intimidated and so Google wants to make the transition easier. There are online video tutorials and simplified product listings ads amongst other helpful tools to help merchants on their way to setting up when and where their products will appear.
Google is offering two incentives to help merchants get started with Google Shopping:

  1. All merchants who create Product Listing Ads by August 15, 2012 will automatically receive a monthly AdWords credit of 10% of their total spend on Product Listing Ads through the end of the year.
  2. Active Product Search merchants can fill out this form by August 15, 2012 and receive a $100 AdWords credit to use toward Product Listing Ads.


Reach mobile and tablet shoppers with Google Shoppinggoogle shopping results

The mobile platform is an ever expanding and popular way to use the internet. People often have constant access to their phones and tablets. This global trend opens up so many business opportunities to influence purchasing – anywhere, anytime on the go or at home.
To help businesses reach customers while they’re shopping, Google has launched its new shopping experience, built on Product Listing Ads, for tablets and smartphones in the USA.
Product Listing Ads can be set up in AdWords, after you have linked your Merchant Center account. To ensure that mobile and tablet shoppers can view your Product Listing Ads, make sure that your campaigns are targeting mobile and tablet devices with full browsers.


Learn with Google Webinar: VOD on YouTube

Did you know a staggering 78% of online video viewing in the UK is on YouTube?  Making VOD through YouTube an excellent online platform. Google looks at the best way to maximise VOD to make it work for your business.  
Take a look at this great webinar, showing you how to run a TV ad on YouTube in 2 easy ways.

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