How do we compare? is an independent website that ranks the top SEO and marketing companies around the globe. Their main focus is to rank and evaluate the top companies for clients who are looking for internet marketing services. have been running for over 10 years and have a great knowledge and technique to see which companies are offering the best services for the web. explains how they evaluate and rank each company:

We pride ourselves on a disciplined research process that has us regularly engaged with the companies we evaluate. Our proprietary analysis tools and methodology, developed over multiple years, includes an extensive rigorous evaluation rating system that is applied to each company that is identified and researched.”

The rankings are available to view online at any time without a paid subscription at The website is easy to navigate with companies being divided up depending on where they are geographically.

So, how did Relevance Web Marketing compare on You can find us under online marketing France.

Relevance Web marketing received an overall score of 97%, which is an excellent score. We are ranked in the top ten for SEO Company France. We have improved from the last time we were ranked. In the last ranking our overall score was still excellent at 90%.

Here is the break down of how we did:

Pay Per Click 100%

Link Building 100%

Reputation Management 96%

Web Development 95%

Search Engine Optimisation 90%

We, at Relevance Web Marketing are over the moon at our results and will keep pushing on to get the top position for online marketing France.

If you need an SEO Company France then you can find out more about us by following this link.



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