Google social search allows for real time searching

Google wipes out any idea that it would fall behind Bing and Facebook in real time search last week as Google launched real time searching results in the blended Google ‘social search’. Yes Twitter and Facebook posts are now appearing in the Google Search Results. Live tweets, Answers, news articles are streamed in on the actual result pages for certain search queries.

Google have linked up with Facebook and Myspace to pull in streams in the real time, so if you haven’t got a business facebook page, you better get on to in now. This cements the Google Twitter deal in October which kept Google chasing on the Bing toes who had done the deal earlier in the year. Google announced the ‘value to search’ of social media, and was happy to update searches results with  facebook and twitter and of course buzz feeds.

Google said : “We believe that our search results and user experience will greatly benefit from the inclusion of this up-to-the-minute data…..that way, the next time you search for something that can be aided by a real-time observation”

Mashable said:

“For some time, it’s been clear to us that search has been moving to real-time, but until now, Google was seemingly falling behind Twitter ( ), and even perhaps Bing ( ) (who inked its own search deals with Twitter and Facebook earlier this year).
Mashable talk about “Google, with one sweeping stroke,” grabbing  the lead in real-time search space. “Facebook and Twitter have both conceded that they aren’t going to outbuild Google when it comes to search.” Don’t ever count Google out.

So Google is now a real time search engine, using the twitter real time search engine. This has to be an advantage for live search as not only do you get established search results, you also get the up to the minute comments. Organic search has now become that more of an instant search or real time search. If you only want to select the real time search on the Google engine you will see the option on the left hand side of the Google results page.

How does the realtime search affect search engine optimization or SEO?
Here at Relevance Web Marketing in the South of France we have made sure all our clients are up to date on having good blogs, twitter feeds, and facebook pages. In this way they can take advantage of the Google Twitter Facebook search results. As a Social Media Company in France, Relevance Web Marketing urges you to get your social media outfit set up, and get into the Google Twitter real time search results.

How to get into Google’s real time results?

Obviously these fresh search engine ranking results are difficult to predict, but what is sure is that Google

1)    Works out if the post is spam or not – i.e. not a pre-selected tweet or pre-arranged tweet
2)    Google like Twitter loves a retweet: “If a Twitter user has many high-authority followers, it’s more likely that the tweets will appear in the real-time results”
3)    Google is dedicated to the natural search, so will be looking for innocent tweets, or posts from natural users for the real time search results
4)    Update Rank is vital

Obviously the realtime ranking results, like the twitter tweets or facebook posts, do not last forever, and may not a long term SEO strategy. As realtime search results are used in the blended search you should use them as a arrow in your quiver; part of your blended SEO strategy.
Google Static Search results will now contain news, or press releases, photos, videos, organic search, Google Places, and of course Google Ads. Just when we thought the SEO company would have less to do, we can see that the search industry could have just got even bigger than it ever was.

Here is the Google realtime search video released:

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