Google Products June Updates

Google continues to update its products and services at a pace and this month see’s changes made to the Google Analytics platform. Updates include new tools for Mobile App developers and marketers, improvements to Goal setting, updates to Real-Time reports that let you see Conversions as-they-happen, and new filter fields.


Google Play Mobile App Analytics:
With the new Google Mobile Analytics App developers and marketers will be able to not only see basic stats on the number of people who have viewed and installed their app, but also the sources of this traffic. This is vital knowledge which will allow app marketers to better understand the mobile app market and create more targeted ad campaigns.

Easier Goal Measurement:
Google has updated the templates used to set up goals making the whole process a lot more simple and user friendly. Some of the improvements include categorising the templates into 4 key business objectives (Revenue, Acquisition, Inquiry, Engagement) to help you think about the purpose of each Goal. The setup flow for Goals is now prefilled with suggested values for your relevant industry which significantly saves time.

Updates to Real Time Reports:
Four new real-time widgets that can be added to dashboards have been introduced. This includes a real-time goals report.

New Universal Analytics:
The number of devices with internet connectivity keeps on growing and consumers are now connecting to the internet from multiple devices every day. The new Universal Analytics allows businesses to analyse the data from all of these devices in one go to better understand how consumers react to the business across different devices.

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