Google Keyword Tool Conspiracy

You might have noticed that the Google Keyword Tool has been playing up over the past few days. The broken Google Keyword tool has put Google users including marketing companies who have dedicated their keyword research to it, into turmoil. Various problems have been noticed including: match data has been appearing asquew with broad, phrase and exact matches all appearing even when only one of the boxes is ticked;  random keywords being pulled from search results, the button asking ONLY to have results containing my search terms does not work, and all the results from searches turn upside down. How could Google let this go on for so long? Are they going to fix the tool, or do they want the tool not to work?


Obviously we are all followers of Google and do everything and anything in our power to adhere to its guidelines. Luckily here at Relevance Web Marketing we do not stick solely to keyword results data from the Google Keyword Tool as most SEO companies in France Monaco and throughout the world do. Why not you might ask? Not only is the tool being contantly updated, it often breaks, and also we have found that the resulting search volume numbers are very suspicious, often completely diffent keywords having exactly the same search data. What happenned to the tool which seemed to be heading in the riught direction?

“The Search-based Keyword Tool gave you insight into keywords that you may have been missing out on by identifying actual Google searches that were relevant to your site’s landing pages.”

Google has been playing around with both tools recently………and there is talk of this organic tool becoming defunct.
Adwords Blog explains it here but not very convincingly. Our data shows that more often than not keywords, with less than 10 searches on the ‘adwords’ keyword tool, can have up to 50 visitors even when in 3rd or 4th positions, and keywords with 100/0s of supposed searchers from the tool do not get even a tenth of visitors, even when in top 3 positions. Over the years we have come to tread very carefully when trusting keyword data from adwords.

What if Google switched to tool off? How would people decide what words to use for PPC Google Adwords as well as organic search. Surely without this vital information Google could take away the lifeline which stops us pouring money down the drain. Surely without exact match capabilities people wanting to advertise luxury property in London could also be advertising for luxury car hire. Somebody could make quite a bit of cash if that happenned; guess who.

With Google Instant we have seen that impressions have multiplied because of Google Instant technology updates therefore leading people to spend a lot more on Google Ads. Could removing the Google Keyword tool be the next step?

Is the Keyword tool reliable anyway; tread carefully when you resign all your keyword research to the tool that Google offers for free to get you to spend more, and could take it away in an instant..




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