December Blog Roundup – Google Adwords

google-adwordsDuring this season of giving Google Adwords could not be accused of being miserly. With specific insight into the future of Google Adwords and Keywords there is plenty to keep your favourite SEO company based in France and all those interested in SEO engrossed till, well, next month’s blog roundup.



TrueView Video Ads give viewers choice and control over ads

Adwords are announcing a new collection of ad formats. Trueview video ads gives users choice and control over which advertisers messages they wish to see.

The True Value of Search advertising

With many businesses finding it difficult to quantify offline sales via online efforts Google Adwords have launched a free, on-demand market insights presentation package. Called ‘The true value of search’ it helps users understand the true value of search marketing beyond the obvious online response.

Going Global with Google

Expanding on from Google’s aim to connect customers with their desired products or services across the globe. Google are announcing the launch of Google Global Market Finder, a free online tool that allows searchers to find new markets and services abroad.


The Keyword Tool – when you talk, we listen

Google is listening! Due to popular demand Google’s keyword tool is now better targeted to your account and searches. New features have also been added including the ability to star keywords and filter searches better.


Discover new features in the Opportunities tab

Four new features have been added to Google’s Opportunities tab that will hopefully allow for greater optimisation in your Adwords account.


International tourists find the Polish seaside through Google AdWords

More information about how our partners work with advertisers

Significant advances for Display Ad Builder

Improvements made to Google’s Display ad Builder that aims to help users achieve their goals through driving conversions and building their brand.

1.    Quickly manage hundreds of ads with bulk copying and editing
2.    Drive engagement with social and expandable templates
3.    Create the perfect ad by customizing your templates

10 of our favorite AdWords innovations from 2010

Time to reflect and think towards 2011

Positive news for negative keywords

It may sound daft but by adding negative keywords to your keyword list you can refine and filter to a greater extent your keyword results and exclude unwanted impressions from your campaigns.



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