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Content repurposing: a formidable ally in digital marketing

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Marketers, writers and content creators are always on a quest for new and original material in order to promote a brand or business, and the luxury industry is no different. This continual pursuit of new content can sometimes lead luxury brands down an exhausting and relentless cycle of endless content creation.

Content repurposing is a more sustainable and strategic approach to content marketing. It not only conserves resources, but also increases the reach and impact of a core message. 

Relevance’s team of content marketers works with clients on the creation of new content as well as seeking ways to re-purpose existing content that adds value. 

Below, we explore the multifaceted benefits of content repurposing and compare it to the traditional new content approach. Discover how this dynamic strategy can breathe new life into your existing content and enhance your brand’s online presence.

What is content repurposing?

What is content repurposing? At its core, content repurposing is all about taking existing content and reusing it in new and creative ways. This could mean anything from turning a blog post into a podcast or taking a whitepaper and turning it into a series of social media posts. 

The goal of content repurposing is to take something that has already been created and give it a new lease of life, all while reaching new audiences and achieving growth.

The idea behind repurposing content might seem obvious, but it takes effort, skill and planning to ensure that content repurposing is executed perfectly. 

Examples of content repurposing by the team at Relevance 

Based on our Relevance corporate video, we created a new video that we incorporated into a landing page as part of a PPC campaign, focused on potential Monegasque clients. Posting a campaign on different social media channels. (This isn’t repurposing, it’s cross-channel marketing.)
Creating Instagram stories from an article we wrote about futuristic yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 for Relevance YachtPosting the same article on Instagram and LinkedIn
Creating multiple blog posts on website SEO based on information from a Relevance YouTube short about SEO StrategyThin content: Making minor tweaks to existing content without adding substantial value or fresh insights.
A long-form Relevance blog post on the Wealth-x Worth Ultra Wealth Report 2022, repurposed to create an Instagram reel Automated content generation: Using AI or software to create content without human input or creativity.

What are the benefits of content repurposing?

Overcome writer’s block

Repurposing existing content gives writers a starting point. When the core information already exists, it serves as a foundation for the new content format. By working from existing content, writers can decide whether they want to deep-dive into a particular section of the content or whether they want to take a more holistic approach from a different viewpoint.

Increased audience reach

Presenting content in different formats caters to various learning and consumption styles of your existing audience. Offering content on different platforms also allows you to reach new audiences previously not targeted. By adjusting the tone, style, and examples, brands can market to Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) audience segments, including those within a different age group, industry, or interests.

Cost-effective marketing strategy 

Creating high-quality content from scratch for each new campaign or initiative can quickly add up, even to those in the luxury marketing sphere. Repurposing allows marketers to extract value from existing content assets by adapting them for various channels and formats. This means you can get more mileage from the content you’ve already invested in without constantly creating new material from scratch. With an increased Return On Investment (ROI), luxury brands can afford to spend more on quality content production when they know it can be used and reused repeatedly. 

Time saver

Another benefit of integrating content repurposing in your digital marketing campaign is saving time. With content repurposing, you can make the most out of the resources you already have by taking existing content and giving it a new lease on life. By doing so, you can save time and effort that would otherwise go into creating new content. This is especially important for smaller start-ups and boutique businesses with limited resources or budgets. Creating new, high-quality content requires time and precise planning. Repurposing cuts out this planning phase and leads to faster content updates and publication.

Maintain a coherent brand identity

With an influx of new social media platforms and those that have been around for a while, it can be challenging to create a uniform brand identity across all channels all the time. Even though the format and platform differ, content repurposing ensures that the core message and values of your brand remain intact across all repurposed content. By revisiting and emphasising the same themes in different formats on different platforms, you keep your brand identity strong.

Boosts SEO  

By repurposing content based on content already performing well, you can improve your SEO and attract more organic traffic to your website. Repurposing content provides the opportunity to include keywords and phrases that are semantically related to keywords that have a high search volume. Semantic entities in SEO can improve search engine rankings, attract more organic traffic to your site, and even place your business in a position of authority on a certain topic. When you repurpose your content, you can include these keywords and phrases in new forms of content, which can improve your SEO and attract even more traffic.

Long-term content sustainability

In a fast-paced world where real-time information is readily available to most, it can be difficult to keep up with the demand for new content consistently. However, one of the biggest benefits of content repurposing includes the ability to create a sustainable content strategy that can help you achieve growth over the long term. Evergreen content remains relevant over time, making it ideal for repurposing. By continually updating and repurposing this evergreen content, luxury brands can maintain a valuable resource for their audience.

New content vs content repurposing for luxury brands 

In the fast-paced world of luxury marketing, where UHNW clients expect constant exceptional service, the debate between repurposing content and creating new, original content is becoming increasingly relevant. Both approaches offer distinct advantages, and a balanced blend can be a strategic move for luxury brands.

Repurposing content

Repurposing content in the luxury marketing industry can be a game-changer for several reasons. Luxury brands invest heavily in high-quality content, from glossy photo shoots to meticulously crafted videos. Repurposing elements of existing content allows them to extend the life and value of these assets by adapting them for various channels or audiences. This not only ensures consistency in brand messaging but also maximises the return on investment.

New content

Although content repurposing is an efficient use of resources, creating new, original content remains crucial. This is particularly relevant to the luxury industry and the clientele and audience Relevance’s luxury marketers serve. 

Luxury brands that stay at the forefront of innovation, adapt to changing consumer tastes, and respond to current events and cultural shifts, consistently perform better than their competitors. New content demonstrates a brand’s ability to evolve and remain relevant. 

Luxury brands are synonymous with exclusivity, and original content can drive audience engagement and conversation, fostering a sense of privilege that repurposed content might not always achieve. 

When planned and executed professionally, a content repurposing strategy can be a formidable ally in digital marketing. By looking toward well-performing existing content, luxury brands and businesses can better utilise their creative investments and engage a wider audience. 

How can Relevance help with content repurposing? 

Relevance has an exceptional content marketing team with the unique ability to recognise when to create anew and when to reimagine what already exists. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive services or speak to a team member.

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