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Pastor Real Estate

Pastor Real Estate is a leading property and real estate company based in Mayfair, London, which offers a comprehensive range of property services. Pastor Real Estate provides clients with options beyond simply buying and selling properties. From their extensive portfolio of locations to their expert team of finance and legal experts, Pastor Real Estate helps clients make the most of their real estate investment.

With their market knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for the London real estate market, Pastor Real Estate is one of the best real estate providers in the city.

The results

Relations Publiques, Stratégie Réseaux Sociaux, Social Media Management, Website Migration & Optimisation

Increase in Website Sessions
Increase in Organic Sessions
Increase in Contacts from SEO
For 49 SEO Keywords, Including “Prime London Real Estate”


Pastor Real Estate required Relevance’s luxury real estate marketing expertise to reach every single homeowner in Mayfair and Kensington and to become the authority for buyers, renters and owners in prime central London real estate.

Pastor Real Estate requested a full-service digital and real estate PR agency to work on their behalf to promote prime central London real estate.


Relevance worked closely with the Pastor Real Estate team in Mayfair on all things digital, acted as their PR officer, and managed their social media. As a result, the outcomes of Pastor Real Estate’s marketing campaigns were excellent.
Relevance’s PR team helped to produce Pastor Real Estate’s magazine and distribute it to all prime central London addresses. In addition, press events were organised, inviting celebrity guests to build brand awareness.
Finally, migrating Pastor Real Estate’s website to WordPress and connecting to the Reapit database played a vital role, enabling our team to optimise the whole site, including all the property imagery.