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Sailing yacht builder marketing case study Oyster Yachts

Oyster Yachts

Oyster Yachts is a thoroughbred British luxury sailing yacht builder, that has been designing, building and supporting the world’s finest liveaboard sailboats since 1973. These exceptional yachts are a platform for adventure, designed and hand-built for comfort, luxury, performance and safety.

The results

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Increased Social Community
Increased Engagement
X 10
Increase in Enquiries
People Reached (Live Stream)


Oyster Yachts sells, charters and builds yachts for the world’s wealthiest individuals and, therefore, required Relevance’s support to help engage the international sailing community and generate sales leads.

Oyster Yachts also needed the help of Relevance’s specialist SEO team to ensure their brand was more visible than their competition when their audience searched for yacht builders. 

Additionally, Oyster Yachts required a dynamic social media strategy and innovative and well-optimised advertising campaigns that stood out amongst their competition in the search rankings.

Oyster Yachts further required Relevance’s help to boost the number of conversions on key website pages, as well as overlook their digital presence. 


Relevance developed Oyster Yachts’ social media strategy by producing innovative digital content such as a gripping live stream from the River Thames, amplified their presence with always-on and tactical advertising campaigns, and implemented SEO changes to improve their organic rankings.

Relevance also implemented numerous site improvements to key pages, which increased the number of conversions on their model pages and helped Oyster Yachts improve the connection between their site analytics and CRM systems.