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Le dossier

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a leading international rights licensor. As a key element of their goal to modernise information use, CCC builds dynamic solutions which combine licensing, content, software and professional services to improve the way institutions and companies access content.

While CCC’s products are revolutionary to their industry, they found that the majority of their target audience were either unaware of the products; unaware of the products’ unique features; or unconvinced of the products’ efficacy. Having identified that they were missing opportunities to educate their target audience, CCC sought out Relevance’s help.

Relevance was asked to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy which combined elements of SEO and paid advertising to reach the target audiences and key decision makers for which CCC’s products are designed.


  • Drive Site Traffic

  • Raise Produce Awareness

  • Educate Target Audience

  • Generate Sales Leads


  • Publicité Payante Réseaux Sociaux

  • PPC

  • SEO / Référencement

La Solution

In addition to a site-wide optimisation strategy for relevant target keywords, Relevance has developed and managed targeted Google Ads and LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. Using educational white papers and case studies, Relevance tailored lead generation campaigns to reach the target audience and decision makers relating to each product.

What our clients say

An integral part of the development of our online and social presence

The Relevance team is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about every aspect of SEO and SEM. From technical know-how to strategy and best practices, they are a true partner and an integral part of the development of our online and social presence.
Chris Nolin - Director Marketing Communications, Copyright Clearance Center

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